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Dendritic Green Jade Beads

Prized in Asian cultures for thousands of years, Jades are actually found in many different regions of the world. Dendritic Green Jade beads are dark olive to charcoal black in color and include dendritic inclusions that look like moss or ferns. These beads remind us of soothing conifer trees.

Jade is actually a catch-all term for two seperate stones - jadeite and nephrite. Jades are formed in metamorphic rocks. They are composed of fine-grained crystal structures. The distinctive green color of jade is actually caused by impurities of chromium. Myanmar (Burma) is the top source of Jades, though they are found all over the globe.

Metaphysically, jades are said to evoke prosperity and good luck.

15-16" strand $3.90
½ strand (loose) $2.15

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