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Green Serpentine (dark) Round 6mm

Green Serpentine (dark) Round 6mm
Green Serpentine (dark) Round 6mm
Green Serpentine (dark) Round 6mm View the Strand Variance
15-16" strand
Item # 53483
Beads per strand (approximately) 66

More about Serpentine

Ready to access your inner serpent? Serpentine is a semi-precious stone ranging in color from bright yellow-green to dark, forest green.

Serpentine is a magnesium silicate. The name Serpentine comes from the word serpent, because of its scaly, reptilian appearance. Many serpentines are used as more affordable alternatives to jade. Serpentine can be found on every continent, with significant deposits in the United States, China, and Australia.

Serpentine is said to promote clearing the mind and meditation.

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