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Hematite Faceted Round 12mm

15-16" strand $9.70 OUT OF STOCK
½ strand (loose) $5.35 OUT OF STOCK
Item # 7079

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More about Hematite

The name hematite was derived from the ancient Greek words "aematitis lithos" meaning blood stone. If soils or rocks have a reddish color, it is usually due to hematite -- this is what makes the planet Mars red!

Our hematite beads are a lustrous dark silvery-gray color. The faceted shapes glitter like tinsel.

Nearly all commercially available hematite beads, including ours, are cut from a simulated material that is virtually identical to natural hematite. Actual hematite is used in the creation of this material and its resulting chemical composition is the same -- iron oxide. All hematite beads we've seen on the market, even those listed as "natural" are made from this material. Because it is essentially iron, the natural rough is prohibitively expensive to transport and extremely difficult to cut. Using this simulated material allows stone cutters to create beads using molds. Some specialty mineral dealers do offer natural hematite pieces, but it is rarely cut into finished shapes like beads. These beads have a nearly identical weight, hardness, density, and chemical composition to natural hematite. Additionally, they are not the cheap, magnetic variety. Hematite rough is not naturally magnetic. Beads that exhibit magnetism have likely had a mineral called magnetite added in.

Hematite is well-known as a grounding stone in metaphysical beliefs. It is believed to bring its wearer balance and clarity. Hematite has long been used by healers to benefit the human circulatory system. It's also associated with mental clarity and said to bring balance.

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