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Madagascar Amazonite (A) Faceted Rondelle 3.5-4mm

Madagascar Amazonite (A) Faceted Rondelle 3.5-4mm
Madagascar Amazonite (A) Faceted Rondelle 3.5-4mm
Madagascar Amazonite (A) Faceted Rondelle 3.5-4mm
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Inches Madagascar Amazonite (A) Faceted Rondelle 3.5-4mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

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Item # 52571
Beads per strand (approximately) 125

More about Madagascar Amazonite

Madagascar Amazonite gemstone beads are blessed with lively and bright ocean color. These semi-opaque stones evoke clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Amazonite, also known as Amazon stone, is a classic case of mistaken identity. A greenish color stone was worn by Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon area of South America, and European colonists believed these adornments were made from a stone already familiar to them (likely Amazonite mined from Russia). The name Amazonite took off even though no Amazonite has been found in the Amazon, and the Indigenous Peoples were likely utilizing jade.

Amazonite is a type of microcline feldspar. It has a long history of utilization in jewelry and carving, including examples from Ancient Egypt.

Amazonite is said to benefit the heart and throat chakras. This stone is thought to help filter out stress and negative pollution, bringing its wearer the ability to let go of anxieties and experience the simple joys of life.

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