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Natural Multi New Jade Round 6mm

Natural Multi New Jade Round 6mm
Natural Multi New Jade Round 6mm
Natural Multi New Jade Round 6mm
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Inches Natural Multi New Jade Round 6mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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15-16" strand

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About this item

Each of these serene multi new jade strands offers a soft array of greens, perfect for adding a touch of earth's natural beauty to your designs. Add them to tranquil bracelets or necklaces, or mix them up with wood accents for a grounded, nature-inspired look.

Item # 70173
Beads per strand (approximately) 58
Hole size 1mm

More about New Jade

We aren't trying to trick you - New Jade may be the common trade name for this stone, but it isn't technically a jade. New Jade is light color and translucent, and is usually a celery green color. It is also commonly referred to as Serpentine Jade.

New Jade belongs to the serpentine family, and is a magnesium silicate.

Metaphysically, New Jade is said to be a stone of cleansing. It is associated with the heart chakra.

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