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Natural Zircon Faceted Rondelle 1.5-2x3-4mm

Natural Zircon Faceted Rondelle 1.5-2x3-4mm
Natural Zircon Faceted Rondelle 1.5-2x3-4mm
Natural Zircon Faceted Rondelle 1.5-2x3-4mm View the Color & Pattern Variance
16" strand

Pleasantly petite and heavy on the sparkle. Natural zircon faceted rondelles are easy to envision in a variety of design styles. Add to classic creations, minimalist looks, and so much more. Please see additional photos for variance.

Item # 65157
Beads per strand (approximately) 210
Hole size 0.45mm

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More about Zircon

A beautiful stone you might not know about - natural zircon is ready for its moment to shine! Centuries of confusion have put this beauty on the back-burner. Colorless natural zircon is often confused with diamonds, and can be found as a stand-in for more expensive diamonds in jewelry dating from the 1800’s. These days, many confuse manmade cubic zirconia for zircon.

Natural zircon has high refractivity and can contain stunning flashes or fire. It is available in several colors or a colorless variety. Natural zircon is a silicate mineral. A specimen found in Australia is believed to be one of the oldest minerals on the planet!

Natural zircon is one of several birthstones for the month of December. Metaphysically, it is believed that zircon can be utilized to help alleviate pain from physical illnesses. Clear varieties are often used in meditation.

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