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Navy Blue Enamel 2-Hole Tile Square Bead 8mm

Navy Blue Enamel 2-Hole Tile Square Bead 8mm
Navy Blue Enamel 2-Hole Tile Square Bead 8mm

These colorful enamel tile beads are perfect for your next bracelet design. Mix and match colors for amazing ombre, monochromatic, or rainbow styles. Make it personal with the matching letter and symbol beads. The paw is my favorite 😺🐶❤️.  See our tip & technique for our favorite stretch bracelet recipe!

All enamel beads are not created equal - these are solid, cast pieces so they feel substantial and with four layers of enamel, they’re made to last. All enamel can chip over time, especially when worn on our wrists. In this designer's opinion, a little wear and tear only adds to the character, but if you'd like to keep them looking new as long as possible, avoid contact with objects harder than the enamel. Metal jewelry, stone surfaces, and keys are the biggest culprits!

Item # 61967
Hole size 1.4mm
Thickness 3.75mm

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Make your own stretch bracelet using our enamel tile beads!

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