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Oregon Sunstone Faceted Briolette 7-8mm

Oregon Sunstone Faceted Briolette 7-8mm
Oregon Sunstone Faceted Briolette 7-8mm
Oregon Sunstone Faceted Briolette 7-8mm
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Oregon Sunstone Faceted Briolette 7-8mm
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Inches Oregon Sunstone Faceted Briolette 7-8mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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8" strand

About this item

We can see why Oregon's state legislature picked rare Oregon sunstones as the state's official gem! With a gorgeous colorway thanks to inclusions of copper, these faceted briolettes are mostly transparent with orange, peach, green, or clear coloration. Many beads have a schiller effect and eye-catching inclusions. Please note the hole size - it may be necessary to use Toho One-G thread, C-Lon size D thread, or a 28 gauge or smaller thickness wire. Please see additional photos for variance.

Item # 66100
Beads per strand (approximately) 48
Hole size 0.37mm

More about Sunstone

Sunstone gemstone beads are coral-orange with lots of sparkle! Some strands of sunstone will shine like the sun with gorgeous tropical color. This stone is often found in Australia and Oregon.

Sunstone, also referred to as aventurine feldspar, is a plagioclase feldspar. It can have aventurescence, or a glittery schiller effect caused by light reflections from tiny hematite, copper, or other mineral inclusions.

Sunstone is associated with leadership and cleansing.

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