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C-Lon Beading Thread & Cord

C-lon comes in a wide range of colors which have been permanently dyed and are UV resistant (so your colors won't fade or rub off!)


This thread is ideal for bead weaving & stitching, embroidery, peyote or square stitch. It also can be used for the trendy wrap bracelets (though we do recommend conditioning your thread when using gemstones, crystal, or glass in the bracelet). Size AA thread easily fits through size 15/0 seed beads, while Size D works well for seed beads size 11/0 or larger. Both threads easily pass through English and embroidery needles size 10/12.


These 3-ply twisted nylon cords are great for macrame, bead crochet, cord making, braiding, and knotting. C-lon cording was originally designed for sewing in the upholstery industry, so you know it is a sturdy, endurable stringing option. Whether you're tying a square knot, making a fish tail bracelet, stringing gemstones with a splash of color, OR giving your cat an afternoon playtime, these cords have got you covered. ;-)

C-Lon White Size D Thread 78 yard bobbin
C-Lon White Size D Thread 78 yard bobbin
78 yd. bobbin

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