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Oregon Sunstone Round 8mm

Oregon Sunstone Round 8mm
Oregon Sunstone Round 8mm
Oregon Sunstone Round 8mm
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Inches Oregon Sunstone Round 8mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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15-16" strand

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About this item

Hello, gorgeous! These sun-kissed rounds are just the right size for knotted necklaces or cozy friendship bracelets. Each one shimmers with its own blend of warm and inviting colors, perfect for adding a radiant touch to any design.

Item # 70326
Beads per strand (approximately) 48
Hole size 1mm

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More about Sunstone

Sunstone gemstone beads are coral-orange with lots of sparkle! Some strands of sunstone will shine like the sun with gorgeous tropical color. This stone is often found in Australia and Oregon.

Sunstone, also referred to as aventurine feldspar, is a plagioclase feldspar. It can have aventurescence, or a glittery schiller effect caused by light reflections from tiny hematite, copper, or other mineral inclusions.

Sunstone is associated with leadership and cleansing.

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