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Pink Opal Wheel 3-8x8-9mm

Pink Opal Wheel 3-8x8-9mm
Pink Opal Wheel 3-8x8-9mm
Pink Opal Wheel 3-8x8-9mm View the Variance & Sides
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Item # 52265
Beads per strand (approximately) 54

More about Pink Opal

Our Pink Opal beads occur in a variety of attractive colors - from light coral and pink carnation, to olivey gold, and the softest delicate peach. Pink Opal, also known as Pink Peruvian Opal, is often mined in Peru as its name suggests. Surprise! It can also be sourced from Mexico.

Pink Opal is referred to as a common Opal - a more affordable alternative to Opals with play-of-color. Opals are hydrated silicon dioxide.

The Sanskrit word for precious stone, upala, is the origin of the word Opal. In metaphysical beliefs, Opals promote tranquility and healing.

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