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Red Tiger Eye Beads

Red Tiger Eye gemstone beads are a chatoyant blend of maroon reds and neutral browns. Like berry-red velvet, these beads catch the light in just the right way! Red Tiger Eye has been enhanced from its natural golden-brown hue for this gorgeous maroon-red coloration. Tiger Eye is also known as Tiger’s Eye stone. Tiger Eye is especially common in South Africa, but can be found in various locations around the world.

Tiger Eye is a type of quartz, made up of silica. The chatoyancy of the stone is caused by altered amphibole (an inosilicate) fibers that have over time become limonite.

Metaphysically, Red Tiger Eye is said to encourage self-esteem and empathy.

15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

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15-16" strand

More Photos & Ideas »

15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

More Photos & Ideas »