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Selenite Round 6mm

Selenite Round 6mm
Selenite Round 6mm
Selenite Round 6mm
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Inches Selenite Round 6mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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15" strand

About this item

Add a little magic to your next design with selenite round beads. Please note selenite is a softer stone, and may not be suitable for bracelets.

Item # 69595
Beads per strand (approximately) 60
Hole size 0.8mm

More about Selenite

Selenite has a long history of use in Western cultures. In fact, the name selenite is derived from the ancient Greek word for “moon”. Ancient peoples believed the stone was affected by the phases of the moon.

Selenite is a transparent variety of gypsum. All types of gypsum are composed of a common sulfate mineral. Other varieties include satin spar and desert rose. Selenite is a very fragile stone. Do not submerge it in water, and extra care should be taken not to scratch the surface.

Selenite is used metaphysically to perform energy cleansings.

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