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Shamballa Bracelet How-To

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Shamballa Bracelet How-To

The Shamballa Bracelet is very quick and easy to make. It's also a great way to add sparkle to your wrist!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Cut three lengths of the knotting cord using the Thread Burner:
Sliding Knot Strands 15”
Core Strand 12-15”
Knotting Strands 75”

Tie knot at one end of core strand. Dab inside knot with adhesive, leaving a short tail to be burned off later. String on 8mm hematite bead.
Secure to clipboard. Take working strands that have been doubled over behind core strand and create overhand knot 3-4” from 8mm bead. Dab knot with glue.
If you are already familiar with the square knot, you will fly through this part. Make 2-4 square knots.

Step 2

Begin stringing a pave bead onto the core strand. Pull bead tightly up to knot and bring working strands down and around the bottom of the bead. Make 1-2 square knots and string on another pave bead. It is important to remain consistent with the number of square knots you use in between the beads. Repeating until your desired length. This can be anywhere from 10-14 8 or 10mm beads.

Step 3

Once you have finished adding beads to your bracelet, complete 2-4 square knots to match what was done at the beginning.
Finish off with an overhand knot using the working strands and dabbing inside the knot with glue. Leave the tails to be burned off later.
String on another 8mm round hematite onto the core strand matching up the distance using the other strand. Tie a simple overhand knot dabbing the inside with glue. Leave tail to be burned off later. Unclip bracelet from clipboard. Use thread burner to trim excess tails.

Step 4

Double over your bracelet and clamp down so that you can work with the 2 loose ends. Line up the 2 ends and point them in opposite directions.
Tie the cord cut for the sliding square knot around your 2 ends using an overhand knot. From there you’ll start with the square knots. At this point, it is easier to turn your bracelet 90 degrees leaving your knot at the top.
Tie square knot after square knot until it’s about an inch long.
Take your 2 working strands and tie an overhand knot to finish it off, dabbing the knot with glue. *Do not use too much glue. You need to be able to have this slide.*

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