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Tourmalinated Quartz (matte) Mini Nugget 6-9mm

Tourmalinated Quartz (matte) Mini Nugget 6-9mm
Tourmalinated Quartz (matte) Mini Nugget 6-9mm
Tourmalinated Quartz (matte) Mini Nugget 6-9mm
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Inches Tourmalinated Quartz (matte) Mini Nugget 6-9mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

About this item

Stylish & modern! Tourmalinated quartz mini nuggets feature a soft matte finish and gradation between white, gray, and black. A beautiful monochromatic color scheme and dramatic inclusions make these beads an excellent choice for jewelry designing. Please see additional photos for variance.

Item # 49666
Beads per strand (approximately) 54
Hole size 1mm

More about Tourmalinated Quartz

While most varieties of transparent quartz are valued for their clarity and lack of inclusions, some varieties are valued chiefly because of inclusions! Tourmalinated Quartz gemstone beads contain dramatic needles of black tourmaline. These beads are sure to attract attention.

Tourmalinated Quartz is closely related to rutilated quartz, the difference being the type of inclusion in the crystals. Tourmaline is a group of minerals including schorl and dravite. Quartz is a silicon dioxide, and the most common mineral in the Earth’s crust. Transparent quartz has a macrocrystalline structure, meaning crystals and grains are visible to the eye. Tourmalinated Quartz is commonly found in Brazil and the United States.

Tourmalinated Quartz is believed to be a protective stone, dispelling negative thought and emotion. It is associated with the third eye chakra.

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