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Trolleite Beads

Trolleite is a phosphate mineral that has recently gained attention in the gemstone and metaphysical communities, though it's still uncommon to see trolleite beads in jewelry designs! It was first discovered in Sweden and named after Swedish chemist Hans Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmeister.

Trolleite forms in hydrothermal environments and is often found in association with quartz and other phosphate minerals. It has been discovered in various locations, including Brazil, which is known for producing sizeable and attractive specimens.

Trolleite is primarily composed of aluminum phosphate minerals. It typically presents in shades of blue, green, or even white, and it can be translucent to opaque. The stone often contains inclusions of other minerals like quartz, lazulite, and scorzalite, which can add to its visual appeal.

In the realm of metaphysical and healing crystal communities, trolleite is believed to have various properties, such as aiding in communication, fostering a sense of calm, and promoting spiritual awakening. These properties are not scientifically proven but are part of the lore surrounding the stone.

16" strand