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Tronex Extra Large Oval Razor Flush Cutters (standard handle length)

Tronex Extra Large Oval Razor Flush Cutters (standard handle length)
What is Razor Flush?

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What is Razor Flush?
Piece $75.60

Because these extra large cutters have a longer and wider cutter head, they provide expanded cutting capacity. These cutters are able to cut confidently through heavy duty wire. The "Razor Flush" option allows for EXTREMELY flush cutting.

Razor Flush cutters are machine-ground to make the edges razor sharp with perfect alignment. All Tronex Razor Flush cutters have a fine set screw stop built into the handle or jaw of the cutter to prevent these exceptionally sharp edges from dulling themselves, even when an operator applies a strong cutting force. Attention to detail!

-Cushion grips with stainless steel leaf springs;

-Polished, hand-crafted finish. Entirely free of burrs;

-Includes red storage cap, essential for keeping your tools in pristine condition;

-Made in USA.

Item # 25033

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