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Fiber Sparkle Dangle Bangle

Fiber Sparkle Dangle Bangle
Fiber Sparkle Dangle Bangle

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Fiber Sparkle Dangle Bangle
Fiber Sparkle Dangle Bangle
Fiber Sparkle Dangle Bangle

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Another year has passed and I am still loving the stacking layered bracelet look. Bangles are a great way to easily stack on your wrist. I wrapped 2 Nunn Design bangles together by weaving WoolyWire in and around them. On its own, that would create a very cool easy to wear bracelet, but when have I ever stopped there :-) I decided to embellish it with a variety of charms, pave beads, and Nunn Design jump rings. This charmy bangle works really well worn with additional simple metal bangles and wrap bracelets (or just on its own).
A bracelet like this has endless possibilities with all the amazing Wooly Wire we have for color inspiration just waiting to be combined with your selection of charms.

Project supplies:

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Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

Begin with both bangles and the Wooly Wire. Wrap the Wooly Wire around one of the bangles (about 1/4") to get it started. Then stack the 2 bangles and wrap them together, weaving the Wooly Wire in-between and around the bangles in a freestyle way. Make sure not to pull too tight, since you will need enough space between the bangles for the jump rings to slide in when attaching the charms. I also like to leave some gaps in my weaving so the charms can gather in those spots.


Step 2

Make your charms and/or attach charms to jump rings. I used all silver head pins, but used different metals for the jump rings for some variety. Once you have all the charms assembled, lay them out around your bangle to get an idea of the layout and spacing. Then just attach the rings to the bangles one by one. Here's an idea: take a picture with your phone once you have your pattern set as a reminder when you are attaching the charms.

See Tip: Closing A Jump Ring

See Tip: Wire Wrap a Charm


Step 3

Try it on!
Remember, if you don't like how it hangs or where a charm is, using the jump rings to attach the charms makes it really easy to move them.

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