Wooden Jasper Round 6.5-7mm

Wooden Jasper Round 6.5-7mm
Wooden Jasper Round 6.5-7mm
Wooden Jasper Round 6.5-7mm View the Pattern & Color Variance
15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

Ground your designs with these earthy, neutral beads. Ideal for use as accent beads to highlight brightly colored turquoise, red jaspers, or iridescent pearls.

Item # 60739
Beads per strand (approximately) 60
Hole size 1mm

More about Wooden Jasper

Wooden Jasper beads come in a refreshing blend of earthy colors. Neutral browns, mustard yellow, ochre, and mauve come together to create a wonderful Jasper variety.

Jasper is a combination of chalcedony and quartz, and has been used in jewelry and decorative arts for thousands of years. It was often the stone of choice among Ancient Minoan, Egyptian, and Sasanian (Persian) Empires. The name Jasper comes from old French, jaspre, meaning “speckled stone”.

Jasper is said to facilitate nurturing behaviors and benefit healing.

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