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Yellow Calcite Round 8mm

Yellow Calcite Round 8mm
Yellow Calcite Round 8mm View the Strand Variance
15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

Lima recommends using .019" or .021" jewelry wire for stringing. Jewelry/Beading wire is strong but has the softness and flexibility of thread.

Item # 44243

More about Yellow Lace Calcite

Pliny the Elder named Calcite nearly 2,000 years ago, making this stone’s popularity extremely persistent. Calcite is from the Greek word "chalix", which means lime. Calcite gemstone beads come in a wide range of colors. This stone is rather soft, and should not be used for jewelry that will see rough wear.

Calcite is a calcium carbonate and found abundantly all over the world. Calcites are often found in limestone.

Calcite is said to be an amplifier for cleansing energies in metaphysical beliefs.