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Black Water Jasper Coin Pendant 30mm

Black Water Jasper Coin Pendant 30mm
Black Water Jasper Coin Pendant 30mm
Black Water Jasper Coin Pendant 30mm
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Inches Black Water Jasper Coin Pendant 30mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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About this item

Elegant yet earthy black water jasper in a spectacular coin pendant style. With line and streak to spare, these coins are an eye-catching hit at Lima HQ. Use for stand-out simple necklaces or in charm necklace styles for added interest. Please see additional photos for variation.

Item # 64761
Hole size 2mm
Thickness 3.1mm

More about Black Water Jasper

A member of the jasper family, this gorgeous stone is also known as Black Line Jasper and Spiderweb Jasper - and you can see why! The gray-white background of these black water jasper beads is covered in thin, tendril-like black lines. The pattern of lines on each stone is completely different, making each bead an individual work of art.

Jasper is a combination of chalcedony and quartz, and has been used in jewelry and decorative arts for thousands of years. It was often the stone of choice among Ancient Minoan, Egyptian, and Sasanian (Persian) Empires. The name Jasper comes from old French, jaspre, meaning “speckled stone”.

Jasper is said to facilitate nurturing behaviors and benefit healing.

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