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Chrysoprase Teardrop Pendant 18x33mm

Chrysoprase Teardrop Pendant 18x33mm
Chrysoprase Teardrop Pendant 18x33mm
Chrysoprase Teardrop Pendant 18x33mm See the Pattern & Color Variance
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Chrysoprase has different shades of turquoise and green, it also has many patterns. Please see the additional images for pendant variances.

Item # 58608
Hole size 1mm

More about Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase gemstone beads are often mistaken for more expensive emeralds - and we can see why! The gorgeous, often bright apple-green coloration of Chrysoprase is similar to many high quality emeralds.

Chrysoprase is the rarest and most valuable variety of Chalcedony. This gemstone’s translucent green color is derived from the presence of small quantities of nickel. Chrysoprase achieves its beautiful coloration from small deposits of nickel. This stone is known as a cryptocrystalline, meaning it is composed of such tiny crystalline structures that most normal magnification cannot show the crystals as distinct structures. This quality makes it related to stones such as agate, carnelian, and onyx.

Chrysoprase is thought to encourage open-minded and clear thinking while promoting tolerance towards others. Chrysoprase is an alternative to emerald as a birthstone for May. It is associated with the heart chakra.

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