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Creating a Leather Link

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With leather lacing and wire, you can create a fun little link to use in your projects.

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

Cut a 3” strip of leather lacing.


Step 2

Cut a 10” length of 22 gauge wire.


Step 3

Spread Lima Studios 2-part epoxy onto the inside end of the strip of leather lacing.


Step 4

Fold over a little more than halfway and press down.


Step 5

Spread 2-part epoxy onto the outside end of the strip of leather lacing you just folded over.


Step 6

Fold the other end over top of the opposing end and press down.


Step 7

Hold together until epoxy is dry. Flat nose pliers work well.


Step 8

Bend a piece of wire flat against the leather where you intend to wire wrap.


Step 9

Tightly wrap wire over that length spacing the wraps a little further apart as you go.


Step 10

Using a nylon block and a plastic mallet, tap the wire to make it flush with the leather. Wrap wire back up the leather, filling in the gaps. Stop halfway and use the mallet to flatten it again. Then, finish your wrap and use the mallet again.


Step 11

Taking the end 4mm of the wire, bend using your chain nose pliers and insert in between the leather loop at the end and tap it into place using the nylon block and the plastic mallet.


Step 12

You link should look like a pinched figure eight from the side.


Step 13

This is not supposed to look perfect, but “natural.” As always, you can make your wire wrapping as messy or neat as you prefer.

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