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Dogtooth Amethyst (matte) Tumbled Nugget 5-10mm

Dogtooth Amethyst (matte) Tumbled Nugget 5-10mm
Dogtooth Amethyst (matte) Tumbled Nugget 5-10mm
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Dogtooth Amethyst (matte) Tumbled Nugget 5-10mm
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Inches Dogtooth Amethyst (matte) Tumbled Nugget 5-10mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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15-16" strand
Only 3 left!
½ strand (loose)

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Item # 55702
Beads per strand (approximately) 45

More about Dogtooth Amethyst

Don't let this many-named stone fool you. Whether it’s called Dogtooth Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, or Banded Amethyst it’s always a stunner! Dogtooth Amethyst beads combine amethyst and white quartz in stripes and chevron patterning, creating a goregeous depth to each individual bead.

Due to its beautiful coloring, amethyst is one of the most prized members of the quartz family. Traces of iron in quartz give amethyst gemstones their distinctive purple hue. In Dogtooth Amethyst, this iron content is not present throughout the whole gemstone.

The ancient Greeks believed that drinking wine from a vessel made from amethyst would make the drinker immune to intoxication (nice try!). In fact, the word “amethyst” is derived from the ancient Greek word “amethystos”, which means “not drunk”. Dog Tooth Amethyst is said to help remove resistance to change and to dissipate and repel negativity of all kinds.

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