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Leopardskin Japser Round Guru Bead 10mm

Leopardskin Japser Round Guru Bead 10mm
Leopardskin Japser Round Guru Bead 10mm View the Sides

Most Mala designs consist of a large bead at the end called the "Guru" or "Bindu" bead. This bead confirms the end of one round in the prayer cycle. On a traditional Mala the Guru bead is the 109th bead. The Guru bead is typically adorned with a tassel, which represents enlightenment. Whether or not you want to create a traditional or whimsical Mala style design, the Guru bead is the perfect piece to give you a seamless finished look. We suggest using 1mm C-lon to string these beads.

Item # 44829
Hole size 2mm

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More about Leopardskin Jasper

With beautiful natural colors and unpredictable striped patterning, Leopardskin Jasper gemstone beads are like a big cat safari. Leopardskin Jasper is also known as Jaguar stone. It is sourced from Brazil, Mexico, and some areas of Africa.

Jasper is a combination of chalcedony and quartz, and has been used in jewelry and decorative arts for thousands of years. It was often the stone of choice among Ancient Minoan, Egyptian, and Sasanian (Persian) Empires. The name Jasper comes from old French, jaspre, meaning “speckled stone”.

Leopardskin Jasper is said to connect people to the animal kingdom, while also facilitating nurturing behaviors and benefit healing.

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