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String a Guru Bead on a Mala Necklace

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In this tip, we'll show you how you string a guru bead onto a mala necklace. Start with a mala necklace that is finished except for the guru bead in the middle. Make sure there is enough cord

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Gather your materials. You'll need a mala necklace strung on 1mm cord, a thread burner (for nylon cord only), adhesive, collapsible needle, and your guru bead set.

Step 2

Curl the collapsable needle. Do this by pulling the needle between your thumb and finger nail. Repeat until the needle resembles a fishing hook.

Step 3

String the cord through your needle. Then string the needle through the side hole of the guru bead and down through the bottom hole.

Step 4

Pull the cord through the bead.

Step 5

With the other end of your cord, repeat Step 3 by stringing it through the opposite side hole of the guru bead and down through the bottom.

Step 6

Pull the cord through the bead so that both the tails are even.

Step 7

String on the bottom of the guru bead and slide the 2 parts of the guru bead up to the necklace.

Step 8

Secure the guru bead in place by knotting.

Step 9

Now that the guru bead is strung, finish your necklace. A thread burner can seal the ends of nylon cord, and a dap of adhesive on the knot will keep it strong.

Designs using this Technique