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Making a Memory Wire bracelet

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Making a Memory Wire bracelet

As a little kid, did you ever "wear" your Slinky on your wrist as a fashion statement? Well, this Memory Wire will bring you back to those days, but here we'll show you how to elevate it to adulthood. Time to get creative!

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

Cut the length of Memory Wire you want for your bracelet. Do you want one wrap or several? Here's where you start!

Line up your cut with the wire's end-- this way your bracelet will appear to start and begin in the same place. This gives a nice finished appearance.

Be sure that you're using cutters built for such a sturdy/stiff wire. We recommend the Memory Wire cutters, because they are designed specifically for such a task.


Step 2

Decide how you want to end your memory wire: glue on a Memory Wire end or create a loop. Using glue on your ends is a great option and might give you a more seamless look to your bracelet design. But I choose a loop in this example... It allows me more freedom to embellish the ends of my bracelet and you all know how I like to embellish :-)


Step 3

String on you beads, finishing off your bracelet the same way that you started it (with either a wire end or a loop).

Alright, you're ready-- check out our selection of Memory Wire!

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