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Peruvian Amazonite (A) Faceted Round 4mm

Peruvian Amazonite (A) Faceted Round 4mm
Peruvian Amazonite (A) Faceted Round 4mm
Peruvian Amazonite (A) Faceted Round 4mm
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Inches Peruvian Amazonite (A) Faceted Round 4mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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About this item

These little Peruvian amazonite rounds are just the right touch of cool blue to remind you of the sea. Each bead is faceted to perfection for a gentle shimmer. Ideal for delicate necklaces or subtle accents in more complex designs.

Item # 70028
Beads per strand (approximately) 94
Hole size 0.8mm

More about Peruvian Amazonite

Whether worn to yoga or a tough exam, Peruvian Amazonite gemstone beads might help keep you grounded! Peruvian Amazonite is a soft, light aqua color with occasional brighter turquoise. With inclusions of crackled white quartz and darker streaks, Peruvian Amazonite has a peaceful, organic look. Amazonite, also known as Amazon stone, is a classic case of mistaken identity. A greenish color stone was worn by Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon area of South America, and European colonists believed these adornments were made from a stone already familiar to them (likely Amazonite mined from Russia). The name Amazonite took off even though no Amazonite has been found in the Amazon, and the Indigenous Peoples were likely utilizing jade.

Amazonite is a type of microcline feldspar, and found in Colorado, Virginia, Russia, China, Brazil, and other locales around the world. It has a long history of utilization in jewelry and carving, including examples from Ancient Egypt.

Amazonite is said to benefit the heart and throat chakras, and help filter out stress and negative pollutions.

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