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Rainbow Fluorite (A) Microfaceted Round 8mm

Rainbow Fluorite (A) Microfaceted Round 8mm
Rainbow Fluorite (A) Microfaceted Round 8mm
Rainbow Fluorite (A) Microfaceted Round 8mm
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Inches Rainbow Fluorite (A) Microfaceted Round 8mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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15-16" strand

About this item

These rainbow fluorite microfaceted rounds are simply a dream! Each strand showcases a spectrum of hues from rich purple to soft green. Add to layered necklace looks, nature-inspired bracelets or luxe bohemian earrings.

Item # 70283
Beads per strand (approximately) 46
Hole size 1.1mm

More about Rainbow Fluorite

Fluorite beads come in many colors. The most common are: green, yellow, and purple. Often, different colors occur within distinct zones in a single crystal. Our rainbow fluorite beads come in transparent shades of green and purple – some of the beads are colorless. The strands from Argentina also contain beads that are a beautiful honey yellow color.

The ancient Egyptians used fluorite in statues and in carving scarabs. Artifacts of carved fluorite have been found in the ruins of Pompeii. In addition to being used as a semi-precious gemstone, fluorite is used as a source of fluorine for the fluoridation of water. Fluorite is also used instead of glass in some high performance telescopes and camera lens elements.

Chemically, Fluorite is calcium fluoride, a compound of the elements calcium and fluorine. However, although it contains fluorine, its name does not come from its chemical composition. Instead, it received its name from the Latin word “fluere”, which means “to flow”, because fluorite melts easily.

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