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Tibetan (Dzi) Agate (rust) Matte Round 6mm

Tibetan (Dzi) Agate (rust) Matte Round 6mm
Tibetan (Dzi) Agate (rust) Matte Round 6mm View the Strand Variance
Tibetan (Dzi) Agate (rust) Matte Round 6mm Glamour Shot!
15" strand $5.40
Item # 56015
Beads per strand (approximately) 62

More about Tibetan (Dzi) Agate

These stones are made to resemble Dzi stones that first appeared between 2000 and 1000 B.C. in ancient India. It is said that the first examples were brought back by Tibetan soldiers from Persia during a raid. Since knowledge of Dzi beads has been derived orally, no one is certain how these original pieces were manufactured.

Authentic Dzi beads are thousands of years old and commonly passed down from generation to generation. The Dzi beads on the market today are considered "mock Dzi" and are produced using agate. A combination of methods, including sanding and laser etching, create the amazing patterns you see on these beads. The patterns, textures, and colors are permanent.

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