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Tiger Iron Round Guru Bead 10mm

Tiger Iron Round Guru Bead 10mm
Tiger Iron Round Guru Bead 10mm View the Sides
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Most Mala designs consist of a large bead at the end called the "Guru" or "Bindu" bead. This bead confirms the end of one round in the prayer cycle. On a traditional Mala the Guru bead is the 109th bead. The Guru bead is typically adorned with a tassel, which represents enlightenment. Whether or not you want to create a traditional or whimsical Mala style design, the Guru bead is the perfect piece to give you a seamless finished look. We suggest using 1mm C-lon to string these beads.

Item # 44832
Hole size 2mm

More about Tiger Iron

The shimmer of these stones is no mirage, but these Tiger Iron beads do remind us of the desert! Tiger Iron beads are composed of silvery hematite interlaced with layers of dark jasper and shimmering golden-yellow tiger eye. The silvery hematite strips in these tiger iron beads bring shine to this earthy stone!

Tiger Iron is mostly composed of tiger eye, jasper, and hematite but can have other inclusions. It is found in sedimentary rocks. Each banded layer of material is relatively thin, varying in thickness from a millimeter up to several centimeters.

Metaphysically, Tiger Iron is said to possess the qualities of its component parts - red jasper, hematite, and tiger eye. This is said to imbue it with grounding, protective, and energizing qualities.

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