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White Jade Round 8mm

White Jade Round 8mm
White Jade Round 8mm
White Jade Round 8mm View the Strand Variance
15-16" strand

These beads are commonly known on the market as "white jade," but are actually made from natural quartz. You've probably seen this material as "mountain jade" or "candy jade" when it's color enhanced, but this is the untreated natural white version. It's a wonderful natural white color with good translucency.

Item # 59877
Beads per strand (approximately) 48
Hole size 1.25mm

More about White Jade

While we usually think of jade as a green stone, it can also be white! White Jade gemstone beads are a classic alabaster color, perfect for a variety of designs, especially simple classic and modern looks.

White Jade is a type of Tremolite Jade, which is itself a nephritic Jade. Jade is actually a catch-all term for two seperate stones - jadeite and nephrite. Jades are formed in metamorphic rocks. They are composed of fine-grained crystal structures. The distinctive green color of jade is actually caused by impurities of chromium. White jade has less of these impurities.

Metaphysically, jades are said to evoke prosperity and good luck.

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