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Pretty bird pendant

I loved this ceramic pendant but had trouble deciding how to use it. After trying a few different color schemes, I liked the black, red and...
Components: Ceramic pendant, red glass squares, small black and silver seed beads, larger clear and turquoise seed beads.

Blue Bracelet

How fun this was to make. Resin over charms and little bitty round beads for water and land. Shells tied with string and crystals tied on the ends....

Tribal Celebration

Oh, so let me explain this design thingy. I had this bracelet that I made a long time ago with these unique handcrafted lampwork glass beads. I...
Components: Where do I start to describing this ? I go: the lamp work beads are two sets that I have purchased a very long time ago. One-of-a-kind which consists of squares, disks and rondelles in earthy tones of browns, golds tone and a touch of black. The large 10mm beads are sort of a rusty orange...gemstones in the jasper family. 10mm silver metal beads. The spacers are these decorative swirly design 10mm disks. The black and brown are clay spacer beads 10mm. Also 10mm silver metal spacer beads. A combination of 10mm black crystal glass rondelles and 6mm round crystal black glass beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers. The toggle / clasp a very simple one. The same combination of beads are used in my bracelet with the lamp work being the center of attention. My earring are the French fish hooks with the lamp work squares as my focal with the 10mm rusty orange beads. The clay and metal spacer beads in between the mix.

Stoned Out Paper

I purchase these paper beads from the same person. I found these vibrant ones with a combination of blues and oranges. So, I decided to stretch...
Components: 8 vibrant paper beads approximately 1 inch in length each. I wanted gemstone chips to go with these beads. I found blue Aventurine gemstone chips that worked. I went with a funky tribal type of design. The 6mm orange sherbert colored beads which are as old as the hills in my bead stash which I incorporated into the design. I also used these really neat silver metal bead spacers. The tiny dangling beads are dark royal blue potato pearl beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers, and a toggle / clasp to pick up the design in the metal beads spacers. The bracelet is a double strand of the same combination of beads used in my necklace. I used a tube clasp along with the two hole spacer bars to hold the bracelet together. The two paper beads are my focal. The earrings are the French fish hooks with a simple design of the paper bead with two silver metal spacer beads at each end. The tiny dangles are the 4mm dark royal blue potato pearl beads and these 3mm light orange glass Druks.

Purple Paper Passion

I dabble into what I can do with different materials in the jewelry making craft. Paper beads intrigue me.
I love the craftsmanship that goes into...
Components: 8 beautiful paper beads approximately 1 inch in length each. A combination of purples, hints of blues with a creamy center with a hint of lavender. I centered my colors with purple and beige. I used a combination of beads starting with 8mm purple crackle glass beads, 8mm pale pearly white crystal glass rondelle, 6mm clear crystal glass beads and 4mm beige Druks. The seed beads are the 6/0 crystal clear Miyuki's. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers, and tiny daisy bead spacers. I finished with a simple silver toggle / clasp. My bracelet is a combination of the same beads as my necklace. I used a tube clasp as the bracelet is a double strand. The earring are the French fish hooks with just the paper bead and the 4mm beige Druk glass bead.

Millefiori Orange with Green

My last Millefiori is a vibrant one indeed. Orange and green color combo.
If you enlarge these images; you can see the detail of the design...
Components: One 40mm Millefiori glass pendant. I used as the others an assortment of different beads. A combination of the green fiber optics, the orange gemstone coins, 6mm translucent type of glass beads, 4mm Montana Czech rondelles, 6mm clear crystal glass beads. 6/0 crystal clear Miyuki seed beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers. I finished it with a fancy silver barrel clasp.

Millefioiri Green and Blue

Millefiori pendant number 3 is a real beauty. Vibrant colors of green, blue
with the white mixed with yellow. All of the pendants are designed...
Components: One 40mm Millefiori glass pendant. I didn't have these green fiber optic beads readily available to my disposal. I found these at my local Michael's. Same goes for those orange gemstone coin beads. Hey, it worked out to my advantage as I purchased enough beads to complete these necklaces. This one is a combination of green fiber optic beads, 6mm Czech white Druks, 6mm Czech yellow Druks, 8mm Montana blue Czech crystal rondelles, and these crystal clear saucer shaped beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers. I finished with a fancy barrel clasp. I keep forgetting about the seed beads....6/0 crystal clear Miyuki's. Whew...lots of beads I tell ya.

Millefiori Orange with Blue

Like I mentioned on my first Millefiori
design; I purchased five of these wonderful pendants. I created necklaces out of the four that I have...
Components: One 40mm Millefiori pendant in vibrant colors of orange and blue. I used some gemstones that I found which goes with the orange in the pendant. My memory is short as to what gemstones I used. The blues are the Montana Czech crystal rondelles in the 6mm and the 8mm. The white beads are Czech druks in the 6mm. I added the clear crystals to highlight the clearness of the glass pendant. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers. I finished it with a fancy barrel clasp. Oh....the rest of the necklace is 6/0 clear glass Miyuki seed beads.

Millefiori Carnival of Colors

I was asked to join with my friend Pat into selling jewelry. I am absolutely clueless to her suggestion; however, I'm going out on a limb. I...
Components: One 40mm Millefiori glass pendant. A mix of colors for sure. Red mixed with blue mixed with yellow mixed with white. So, I strung beads according to the colors in the pendant adding some clear crystal square beads to jazz it up. I also used the clear glass 6/0 Miyuki beads. Sort of a Italian / Japanese thing going on. I uses all silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers. I finished it with a fancy barrel clasp.

Coral tubes necklace

These coral tubes make a cute multi-strand necklace. The colors aren't showing up well, but the white frosted glass really makes the coral pop!
Components: 8mm white czech glass beads, coral tubes, red seed beads, silver plated spacers and clasp.

Xaz Raku pendant

I love this Xaz Raku pendant, just added a few strands of seed beeds, small crystals and czech glass beads to make it sparkle!
Components: All from LB: Xaz Raku pendant, size 11 seed beads, 4 mm czech glass beads, 3 mm crystals, copper-plated cones and bail.

Fun with Disks and Jade

I have a dress that is orange and a liitle short sweater that is hot pink. I wanted to make something which tied them together, so I can wear them...
Components: Carnelian focal, mango and magenta dyed Jade. Gold tone eye pins, chain and clasp.

A Magenta Moment

I was attracted by the great colors in these tribal magenta beads by a Beaded Gift.I think I chose beads that blended in well with them.
Components: Two magenta tribal A Beaded Gift..from LB., Amethyst nuggets, vintage lentils, Greek ceramic spacers, Czech neon blue, amethyst bell flowers, Keishi pearls, waxed linen and copper toggle..from LB.


Copper and verdigris. The bird fits through the ring.

How To Make Your Own T Shirt Cord

I have gotten a couple of comments on my up cycled t shirt designs and want to share a how-to for it.
Components: Old t shirt

On the Fringe...

More fun with cheap beads and embroidery floss tassels. I got a bit more serious with the recycled glass beads I treasure from Ghana. Added painted...
Components: leather cord, recycled glass beads from Ghana, wood beads, silver metal beads, plastic? acrylic? beads. embroidery floss

A Little of This and That

Time to get creative with leftovers. I found a bit of turquoise leather, Czech jet druks, some topaz AB magatamas, a little kissing bird charm and...
Components: 6mm jet Czech druks, topaz AB long Miyuki magatamas, 2mm turquoise leather from LB, kissing bird charms from LB, TierraCast appleblossom button from LB, 11/0 iris seed beads

Footprints by the water

Simple necklace with the beautiful pendant by Saki Silver and a glass bead I've had for a really long time, which matches perfectly I think :) The...
Components: Saki white bronze pendant (Lima beads), flat slightly oval glass bead ca. 2 cm, natural leather cord (1 mm), white waxed linen, TierraCast large coiled ring antique silver (Lima beads), piece of chain

Planetary bracelet

My first shamballa bracelet! Had some problems getting the square knots right, but after I figured it out it was very easy. Made this just now for...
Components: Czech glass beads faceted 12 mm, Howlite round 12 mm, knotting cord (waxed cotton)


I made this a week ago from some favourite beads I've had lying around for a long time, and I'm very happy with this! I absolutely love the...
Components: 2 lapis donuts (3 and 2 cm), 4 flat bone beads, 3 glass rings (12 mm), approx. 3 m natural leather cord (1 mm), 2 metal rings (Lima beads), 1 ceramic bead, 2 other bone beads, 2 matte metal beads, piece of chain

Ersari Ode

I found this central Asian pendant, which is from the nomadic Ersari tribe, online. I wanted to make something to compliment it, so I decided on...
Components: Ersari pendant, stainless steel scales and rings

First design to share!

I thought it looked like loads of fun to try making one of these wrap bracelets. It was!
Components: Leather cord, 6mm beads, Czech button, C-lon thread, all from Lima

Egyptian Collar

I wanted to make an Egyptian style collar in chainmaille, so here goes. I put it on a neckwire so it can be worn two ways. I can't decide which one...
Components: jewelry grade aluminum and copper jump rings, gold plated neckwire

Upcycled Wonder

I have had a recent obsession with t shirt cord and kumihimo-ed it into this bracelet. If I get enough comments, I am going to post instructions on...
Components: T shirt cord

Something blue

This is a bridal gift that I was asked to create. The bride loves birds and the stone in her engagement ring is blue. The resin (pendant) popped...
Components: Lisa Pavelka Magic Gloss, Green Girl Studios sterling silver bird clasp (Limabeads), leather, pure copper wire, glass beads, gilders paste, bird coin beads (Limabeads), unaltered freshwater pearls

Freels the love

The Mod Squad is Back

I had been eyeing this particular "Mod Squad" glass know that's my generation..and picked out the rest of them to make a funky bracelet.
Components: "Mod Squad", pressed orange pillow, Golem Turquoise abstract and turquoise glass spacers...from LB., orange cornflake, Czech glass orange daisies, orange waxed linen, copper lobster claw and twinkie.

Summer Lariat

After making my winter lariat ‘Down by the Frozen Stream’, I had decided then that I wanted to make some type of summer lariat that would be...
Components: Cherry Quartz, CZ faceted rounds, 1 pink dyed quartz faceted, misc glass, seed beads, GP corrugated rounds, MOP drops. Memory wire for bracelet.

Raku square earrings

I haven't posted anything in a long while and thought it was time to do so with this pair of earrings. I hope that you enjoy them!
Components: Raku squares by Urban Raku, porcelain beads by Joan Miller Porcelain, hemp cord, sterling silver

Mellow Yellow

I bought the bracelet bar from Asia last fall but I could not for the life of me figure out what to do with it. I tried so many different...
Components: PC focal from Winter Bird Studio, waxed linen, Czech and Indonesian glass, brass findings.

Starry Night

I made a bracelet like this for my friend and was like, "That's actually really cool. I think I will make one for myself." I made the beads out of...
Components: Polymer clay beads

My Resistance is Down...

I've tried to resist the urge to make the popular tassel necklaces...and finally broke down. With lots of help from this great video tutorial and a...
Components: Plastic or acrylic faceted beads, embroidery floss, cotton cording, wooden bead.

Silver melody

I just began working with gilders paste when I made this. I love the contrast between the silver and high polish of the brass. I made this into a...
Components: Vintaj blank, vintaj embossing plate, gilders paste, Lisa Pavelka resin

Dragonfly in Spring

I love the color variation of this pair. They would go with pretty much anything.
Components: Vintaj pewter blank, vintaj embossing folder, ranger patina paints, gilders paste, sterling silver earwires

Mermaid Waves

I made this as a birthday present for myself. The labradorite reminded me of the ocean and that why I chose the mermaid button. The 2 peas in a pod...
Components: Leather, Labradorite, Green Girl Studios mermaid button, Green Girl Studios peas in a pod focal bead

Misty twilight

I love working with genuine natural stone. All the stones I work with have been unaltered. I love the contrast in colors and textures in this design.
Components: Hematite, Amethyst, glass beads, metal beads, sliding clasp

Southwestern wall art

This was a custom piece I made for a customer. She wanted to invoke the spirit of the desert so she could always have it with her.
Components: Natural turquiose, leather, lampwork bead (Glass Horse Ranch), glass beads, unikite, ruby bracciated jasper

Southwestern symphony

This was a custom piece I made for a family member. I hand picked the elements, and mixed the glass beads.
Components: Leather, button, glass beads, genuine unikite stones, metal beads

Denim beauty

I love the southwestern feel of this piece. I could make 1000 of these and each one would be a little different.
Components: Genuine natural lapis, genuine hematite, leather, buffalo button