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Trying Viking 2

One of the things I've discovered with VK is that you start with a piece of "workable" wire - one that you can handle without getting a lot of...
Components: Parawire in artistic bronze, 26g; Czech rondelles

I Tried Viking Knit Too!

Like Khristin ("Beauty Sought"), I ventured into Viking Knit just this month! As I was finally logging in here to post a piece or two, I see that...
Components: Artistic wire (Parawire) in 26g antique bronze and red

Two for Joy

Made this with the lovely blue opal Czech glass beads
Components: Along with the beautiful blue opal ~ in the first pair I have added silver spacers and thin turquoise slices & in the second, rainbow moonstone rondelles with silver, I have wire wrapped the blue opal also.

Three for a girl

Made this three stand necklace to use up a lot of beautiful pink tourmaline beads (and slices between the pearls) I have and a lot of pretty pink...
Components: Pink freshwater pearls, two sizes, pink tourmaline, (beads and used as spacers in between the pearls), silver connectors and charms ~ Tinkerbell !

Free to fly

This is a set made for a friend, who recently lost her Grand Daughter. She had a stash of beads and charms that she wanted me to use. In...
Components: Chain, charms, crystals, black beads, black hearts & butterfly.

Rock Candy

Druzy...reminds me of rock candy, bought this connector..mm what to do with it, so thought it would go good with macrame..the stone itself such a...
Components: 25x20 mm druzy connector, c-lon .5 beige, 2 3mm round crimps

Kessie's Rainbow Kalera

Inspired by the Rainbow Kalera bead, and to commemorate 40 years of friendship with my best friend Kessie! We actually just turned 40 this year,...
Components: Rainbow Kalera Focal, coral rondelles, parrot green and citrus Czech rondelles, green tribal squares, blue rondelles, cobalt czech spirals, dark purple round neons. All LB except for red coral, blue rondelles, and AB glass beads.

Ocean Treasure

I have been working on this bracelet all summer, and decided the other day I was going to finish it come rain or shine. Like a lot of projects, it...
Components: Porcelain beads, Top drilled teardrops in Cream Quartz and glass, Faceted Labradorite (LB), Larvikite, Carved Bone bead, Waxed cotton 1mm, Antique Brass spacers & findings, Seed beads (LB)

Broken Arrow (cool tone version)

Recreated this bracelet design (posted a couple of days ago) in cool tones...including blue-grey freshwater pearls to replace the original white....

Venture into Viking territory

This was my first venture into Viking Knit... I actually was going to scrap this piece when a little girl that I watch said she wanted it. (I was...
Components: Leather, Vintaj copper wire, laze daz Viking knit "tool", glass beads and button (and lots of beer)

My Sun, Moon & Stars

My 2nd attempt at wrap bracelet, won't show you the first, lol. My inspiration Game of Thrones..khalesi & Kahl Drogo..orange yellow jade the sun,...
Components: 4mm orange yellow jade beads 4mm moonstone beads 1mm natural leather #1 tuff cord gold 15mm metal button

The Long & Winding Road

Brass and mixed gemstone necklace...extra-long for looping if you like!
Components: Brass noodles, dumbbells and spacers; tiger's eye, Yellow Jade, Picasso Jasper, glass and the very last faceted Soochow Jade barrel bead I have -- sadly, no longer available.

Rainbow in Paper

When I purchase my paper beads I will receive a gift bag as well as a thank you for my purchase. I received this really nice large bicone paper...
Components: One large paper bicone bead as my focal. I used these pale glass disks to complement the colors within the paper bead. I love silver so I incorporated the shiny silver metal heishi in the row of the glass disks. The white band in the middle of the paper bead gave me the inspiration to go with the 8mm pale white sea glass beads. The almost translucent 6mm glass beads to follow. I finished with a simple silver toggle / clasp.

Kiwi Bubbles

I wire wrapped a seed bead mix onto a bead tube inspired by the cover story of the most recent BeadStyle issue.
Components: Silver Tube Bead, Seed bead mix

Broken Arrow

Never met a bead frame I didn't love...I am kinda obsessed with filling spaces. (I am sure a psychiatrist could have a field day with that!)
Components: Brass triangle bead frames, brass dumbbell and spacer beads, freshwater pearls.

Festival of Color in Paper

I'm still inspired by paper beads. I just received these paper beads and I wanted to create a necklace with them.
These paper beads are oval...
Components: My paper beads are my focal. I strung a mix of 6mm white glass druk beads unfortunately from China. They will do. I used these really nice crystal clear 10mm glass bicones. I also used these silver 10mm metal beads. What I like is these silver beads are not as shiny which gives off a different look. I used shiny 6mm silver metal heishi spacers in between my paper beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, crimp covers and wire guardians. I finished off my necklace with a rope design toggle/clasp.

Rose Quartz Surprise

Fellow upcycle fans will appreciate this. I had a very long Rose Quartz necklace from the 1990's that I didn't wear very often. It was long and...
Components: White Quartz 10MM, and 4MM, TierraCast Rhodium (plated) Nugget Heishi 5mm, and African Recycled Glass Azul Tumbled Round 10-14mm from Lima.

Oak Leaf

I wanted to use some of the so popular colors this fall in the designs and the beads from Magdalena Ruiz were a perfect match for cadmium orange,...
Components: Big lampwork beads are from Magdalena Ruiz, small one Garden of Beads. Czech glass, Green Girl Studio oak leaf, brass oak leaf stamping that I patina with Swellegant, Vintaj findings and square wire are all from Lima Beads.

By the Pond

Inspired by my fresh pick "Gossamer Wings" I ordered a lot of these beads as a POD and they came in yesterday. I made the necklace that night! I...
Components: Various Caribbean Blue Czech beads, Czech leaf drops(pitaschio luster also LB from a few years back), Rock Crystal, Fossil Coral, Vintaj Vogue Pendants.

Bead Stash

I've been making these chainmaille and bead bracelets by destashing my size 6 and 8 beads. The weave is European 4 in 1, which is the basis for...
Components: aluminum or bronze rings, glass beads, silver or gold plated clasps

How to solder on copper

What I am calling New Relics. These are earrings but you can make all sizes of pendants and charms.
Components: Micro butane torch, silver bearing solder, flux, copper blank, steel wool, wire brush, baking soda, pliers with rubber grips, rubber stamp, safety glasses and bowl of water. The 2nd and 3rd photo are my work station outside and well ventilated, next tools from he plumbing section of a big box hardware store.

Silly Salamander

I found this wonderful little creature and wanted to create a whimsical and fun bracelet.
Components: Lamp work bead, Czech glass, batik (which is really brown but somehow is showing up as purple), copper findings and chain, and little acorn from Asia.

Kazuri Drop In Teal N' Grey

Kazuri has the wonderful drop pendants in a colorful pattern wavy rich in design. I love the colors of this particular drop pendant. Teal at the...
Components: The Kazuri drop pendant as my focal piece. I coordinated my beads and colors around the pendant. The 12mm round Kazuri beads picking up the aqua followed by glass spacers in aqua and grey. The dark teal clay beads at the ends. I used silver findings to embellish my design. 12mm silver daisy spacer beads along with the small daisy spacers at each end of the necklace. I had this nice grey leather cord which goes perfectly with the lighter grey in the pendant.

Kazuri Purple Passion pendant

Oh, how I love the color of purple. I love the Kazuri beads. Put the two together and oh boy....be still my heart. I purchased this large Kazuri...
Components: Whoops !!! I just typed the list of components in the describe the piece section. It's late and I'm getting tired. Mistakes do happen. Sorry about that !!!

Kazuri Green Yellow Mix

I had these old Kazuri beads in my stash. I wanted to make jewelry using them. This is what I came up with.
Components: A combination of the various shapes of the Kazuri beads in the colors of greens and yellow mixed within the beads. I strung these beads on grey leather cord with silver findings. I also made a pair of coordinating earrings to match.

Triangles in the Blues

I found these wonderful gemstone triangles at my local bead store. What an amazing find indeed !!! Sodalite gemstone triangles that are quality...
Components: The gemstone triangles in the hues of blues which brings out the color of the Sodalite gemstone as my focal. 10mm dark blue/navy glass druk beads with white glass spacers giving this necklace a geometric flow. I used shiny chains to dangle from each of the triangle beads. I used the silver 6/0 Toho seed beads on white leather cord. I purposely used leather as it makes the triangle design just pop. I purchased seven of these triangles and I used six. I decided to make matching earrings. My friend Marie fell in love with this particular set. I will be looking to creating this same design look with the Mahogany Obsidian gemstone in the future. I will be using black Onyx with those triangles.

Love is Patient Love is Kind Heart

I just love hand crafted clay/ceramic work by individual artisans who love what they do and do it very well. One of them is Bo Hulley. This heart...
Components: My focal is this beautifully hand crafted cream colored heart. Because the holes are unique to the pendant; I made my own bails to fit using silver eye pins. I purchased this nice charm from Bohemian Findings in Canada that carries a huge selection of charms for the jewelry making people like us. Love Is Patient Love Is Kind...with Bo's heart. A very special necklace for myself. I used the creamy riverstone gemstone beads in the 4mm and the 6mm sizes. I also incorporated the Czech two toned fire crystal beads in brown/clear. I also used the tiny 4mm silver round metal beads. Silver findings: crimps, bead wire, crimp covers, wire guardians. I used two silver double split rings to attach my silver charm and the dangle beads. They won't come off I promise you that !!! I finished my necklace with this shiny silver toggle/clasp in a heart design.

Crimson Fire and Blue Ice

A very long time past as I purchased this very unique lampwork glass pendant which is like most...one-of-a-
kind. I loved the way the glass...
Components: My focal is this beautiful crimson red lampwork glass pendant. I strung with my beading wire a combination of beads pulling in the colors within the glass pendant. The large red pearlized acrylic which I believe are about 12mm in their size. I also used the 8mm blue crystal glass beads along with the 8mm opaque white glass beads. Shiny silver 6mm heishi spacers adding silver to the mix. I used silver in my findings: crimps, crimp covers, wire guardians, and I finished it with a simple shiny roped designed oval toggle/clasp.

Array of Larger Gemstone Donut necklaces

If you glanced at my first addition of gemstone donuts; I also have the larger
sized ones as well. These measure at
the 32mm size. I followed...
Components: 32mm Gemstone donuts: Moss Green Brecciated Jasper, Blue/White Magnesite, Unakite, Green/Red Apple Jasper, Red Picture Jasper. All of them are hand strung using the WildFire beading thread and the Toho size 8/0 in colors coordination with the colors of the gemstone donuts. I used the same design as that in the smaller donut necklaces. Czech SuperDuo's along with other seed beads, crystals, and metal findings. I used either the gold or silver findings: crimps, crimp covers, wire guardians, and the very decorative barrel clasps.

Array of Gemstone Donuts

I'm like the female Simpson...DUH or is it DOH ?!!! (LOL) DONUTS anyone ? !!! I just love those donuts...gemstones of course. I went donut mad as...
Components: Gemstone donuts : 25mm Black Snowflake Obsidian, Leopardskin Jasper, Natural Jasper, Rhodonite, and Red Japser. All of them hand strung using the Toho size 11/0 seed beads in coordination to the colors within each gemstone. My simple design within the necklaces consists of the Czech SuperDuo glass beads along with either silver or gold metal findings and crystal beads. All necklaces are strung with WildFire beading thread. Don't ask me how I was able to string four threads onto those tiny 11/0 seed beads. It was a killer and frustrating at times. I sometimes blurred out some unappropriated language. But, never will I use that "F" bomb. Not in my vocabulary !!! I'm a lady after all.... Anyway, I finished all of my necklaces using either the gold or silver findings : crimps, crimp covers, wire guardians, and these very decorative barrel clasps.

Blue Bird of Springtime

Greetings all !!! Well, this has become one of my most ambitious designs yet. I had this old polymer clay pendant which I have been pondering for...
Components: Oh boy...the list is going to be long and involved. O.k..the polymer clay pendant is my focal point. I used a bronze tree branch connector with more that just the usual kind. This one has more connecting for bead work. I used Czech glass leaves and flowers to embellish the tree branch giving it the look of a flowering tree at springtime. You know what I am trying to achieve here. Anyway, I then brain stormed the birds nest. I found this large bronze bird nest connector with three holders for the eggs. I used my 3 or 4mm glass pearl beads in the gold for the eggs. I used bronze findings throughout my necklace: crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers, bronze bead wire, decorative head pins, and just about anything else bronze. I had these bronze beads in my stash...added them into the necklace. What the hell...I said...go for it !!! The beads are these creamy beige river stone gemstone beads. So, I played around with making the flowers with the Czech Picasso maple leaves until I got the look that I wanted. These Czech Picasso leaves have the same blue as in the flowers and my pendant only subtle. I also had these glazed clay ceramic large pony beads that I added into the design to add blue. All in all, I completed what I had in my mind.

Breena's Enchantment

Created this ruffled look bracelet with more stash. Czech druks, long magatamas, leather and TierraCast button.
Components: 2mm lilac leather, TierraCast Om button from LB, fairy charm, matte gold long magatamas

Pretty Little Pink PIggy

Pigs aren't my favorite animal, but this little pig was too cute to pass up! Another creation of Jess..Sweetbirchdesigns..
Components: Polymer clay pig, rose pink glass beads, 3 malachite beads, blue farfalle, pewter button from..LB.

Wire Webbed Earrings

I had this idea a couple nights ago and decided to make them. I think they a more subtle approach to statement earrings.
Components: 24 and 20 gauge wire

Metal Mixup

A woman asked me to make some earrings. I've only made one pair prior to this so I feel out of my element. I've learned so much from this site I...
Components: Sterling silver earwires, jump rings, 4mm faceted rounds.

Blue Ocean

I made these earrings for a good friend of mine. She lives in Cornwall, UK, and loves anything blue and Celtic!
Components: Blue Opal, Swarovski, turquoise, with silver ear-clip (for pierced ears) wires + the Celtic symbol beads.

Precious Metal Clay

Ive been taking several courses of PMC classes and just got started on making pieces.

It's really fun learninghow to work with clay Yes, it is...
Components: PMC, howlite beads, crystals

New Horizons

I've been enjoying learning new bead weaving techniques at a local bead shop this summer. Sure I could teach myself with tutorials online, but it's...
Components: Concho button from ButtonJones on etsy. Miyuki 3mm cubes from my stash. 2mm black leather cord, Wildfire, One-G thread and 20g bare phosphor bronze wire all from LB.

Celtic Macrame

I am having a very big macrame obsession, and had this button lying around that I got free from lunch specials forever ago I combined them to make...
Components: Hemp, Tierra Cast Celtic knot button


I made this roundmaille bracelet for my sister, in memory of her dog Tucker. He was her wonderful, faithful companion for 15 years. He was a great...
Components: Jump rings, sterling silver dog charm.