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Still loving working with wire, although it's been almost a year.I've been making the cord markers for friends, lots of fun!
Components: Copper wire, glass beads. Waxed cotton cord.

Bronze Birds and Red Creek Supplies

These are what I ordered to match my pick! The Red Creek heishi beads are unbelievable. Substantial at 10 mm with a great range of reds, green,...
Components: Red Creek heishi, Nunn Shenandoah Bird in bronze, mixed wooden beads from the Philippines, Czech seed beads in two browns and matte opaque brown Toho seed beads, simple Greek toggle. Most from Lima Beads.

Coming Attractions

These are the latest pendants and bracelet bar I made using PC and then decoupaged some favorite textiles onto them. The beads are some I will use...
Components: Handmade PC textile pendants and bracelet bar. Assorted Czech beads from LB and Etsy shops.

Moogie, the Mad Scientist!

I took out my Sissix, leather, metal strips & blanks, Vintaj patinas, Swellegant, alcohol inks, etc. Here are a few discoveries I made: you can...
Components: In the collage, there is a pic of the painted embossed leather strap. The pink strap shows the back of the original after embossing. I embossed a thin brass strip with basketweave, then colored with Swellegant dye oxides & silver metal coating. I used Swellegant Sky Sapphire patina (carry this one, Lima!) on an inexpensive antique silver plated filigree bracelet. I plan to layer a few embellishments on it. I have a coil of aluminum 4mm flat wire (thinner than 20 gauge!) that I embossed & will glue & rivet onto a brass cuff. The silver bracelet is the one that didn't emboss through the Sissix & possibly messed up my folder. So I whacked it with a texturing hammer & formed it using the ImpressArt bracelet bending tool. Then I poured Swellegant Tiffany Green Gold patina into a zip bag with a brass cuff & left it in there overnight. Whew. Then I crawled into bed! More to come...

Blue Nebula

well the first panel at least. it is pretty much 3 inches by 6 inches and is the first side of a clutch purse. (the blue nebula pic was for this...
Components: (1) 18mm dark blue rivoli (2) 10 mm dark blue rivoli (1) 20x15 mm light blue chalcedony (2) 12mm blue-green chalcedony (1) 18x13 mm oval faceted titanium electroplated Rose cab. teal soutache, pale aqua soutache, 2mm aquamarine cord, 1mm metallic blue leather cord, 1 mm copper metallic leather cord, (1) 11 mm 12 ga gold colored jump ring, (6) 7mm 20 ga sapphire colored jump rings, (1) 7mm 22 ga sea green jump ring, (1) 6mm 22 ga sea green jump ring. 41 mm of 20 ga sapphire colored copper wire, 1mm hex antique aquamarine beads (Italy) size 12/0 antique pearlized beads (France), 16/0 antique pearlized beads (Italy), 10/0 antique greasy blue beads (Italy), 13/0 Czech beads in gold, blue Iris and Bronze Iris, 10mm antiqued bronze artistic wire mesh, 10mm gold artistic wire mesh, 40 ga copper wire, 32 ga copper wire, pale sea foam organza, iridescent rainbow organza, pearlized ivory leather, stiff stuff, toho Higher metallic dragonfly 8/0 demi, Toho 15/0 inside color navy amber, Toho 11/0 metallic sea green round beads, toho 15/0 Ceylon celery round beads, 11/0 toho ceylon sea foam round beads, 15/0 metallic nebua round beads, blue iris super duos, 3mm dark bronze Czech fire polish round, 4mm dark bronze Czech fire polish round, 4mm bronze Czech fire polish bicone, 6/0 ceylon pale blue beads, 12/0 antique aquamarine rocaille (Italy), 13/0 pearl luster greasy white antique beads (France), gold metallic leather, 12 ga cold colored wire, and dark sapphire silk embroidery floss. (I think that's the complete list.)

New Idea

I have had these beads for a while and wanted to use them as a focal. So I got out my copper patina sheets and wire and here it is! I cut out the...
Components: Two Czech picasso "stones" from Etsy, copper wire and handmade jumprings, copper patina sheet from LB.

Autumn is Here!

I've been thinking about making an autumn tree since I made the winter one. The biggest problem was finding gem stone chips that were transparent...
Components: 14 and 24ga red brass wire, yellow glass chips, citrine chips, natural carnelian chips, garnet chips

Procy and rose

this is one of my more 'talisman' commemorative pieces. I'm going to explain what I did for this commemorative piece. Hopefully it will inspire...
Components: Silver wire. Garnet briolette coyote tooth raccoon tooth amethyst drop jet drop black lip shell garnet bead.

Pendant wrapping

So I'm still working on wrapping pendants. Haven't really worked on it for a few months so I feel like I'm starting over with it. I made these a...
Components: Rainbow fluorite, African turquoise, Rhodonite, copper wire, CG

Tree of life

Here's another PMC3 fine silver piece. So excited because I used the rest of what little I had and I'm getting a new shipment today of more silver...
Components: PMC3, Liver of sulfur and silicone mold

Precious Metal Clay 2

Here's another one!
Components: PMC3 fine silver

Precious Metal Clay 1

So I haven't posted in quite a long time! I have a few new pieces, picked up a new technique, working on 2 more, electroforming with copper and...
Components: PMC3 fine silver

TX Kumihimo Retreat Class #1

First class this morning was how to make a Kumihimo pen. Sooo much fun! It starts with a Cross pen "innards" & you braid around it, then finish...
Components: Bugtail (1mm) satin cord, Cross pen refill, large hole beads & seedbeads if desired for decoration, cord cap with hole. Design & instructions by Connie Burns.

Deer Kilt Pin

Fall sweater brooch or can be pinned to a curtain for good luck.I am learning how to make beaded links. This piece stair-steps up and the bicone is...
Components: Kilt pin, Vintaj sea petal finding (looks like a running sun symbol to me), base metal deer coin, bone colored Czech bicone, mix of Czech and Toho seed beads.Also colored Mykonos ceramic discs held together with jump rings. I got the bicones and the Vintaj piece at LB.

Circles with a Sharpie

Here is a mini tutorial on making continuous circles for a bead frame.
Components: 14ga or 16ga wire, sharpie pen

Medieval Pocket Angel Prayer Beads

The Green Girl angel is beyond wonderful. Look at the detailed feathers. The medieval halo. She has stars in the upper level of her gown and...
Components: Kept a theme of soft neutrals with stripes. 12mm grey sardonyx, faceted smokey agate with cream stripes, oyster shell heishi beads, Czech glass 6/0 seed beads in a mix called "Hematite." A few semi-glazed 8/0 lavender Toho beads. Middle weight Soft Flex beading cable, sterling silver crimp bead. All ingredients from Lima Beads except the oyster heishi and Czech seed beads.

Perpetual Adoration Chaplet

From my Fresh Pick of the same name. This is a Catholic Chaplet or Tenner. When you use it as a rosary, it completes one decade.
Components: I am really happy with the grey sardonyx 12mm rounds. I alternated them with Job's Tears which are hard-shelled seeds of an Asian grass, I used a Tibetan pearl bead capped in white bronze for the Pater bead. Almost everything was from Lima Beads.

I heart seahorses

Made this yesterday..... I LOOOOOOOVE seahorses, but my drawing skills are a bit limited to stickfigures. However, I decided to teach myself how to...
Components: Vintaj wire 20 and 26, CGB from LB...

Crypt Keeper Pagan Prayer Beads

A set of silver Czech rondelles to count blessings, mantras, prayers, or spells. I am in love with this two-sided Green Girl Skeleton!
Components: Green Girl Skeleton, Czech opaque purple silver mercury finish, Czech black star tabs, rustic black glass round, Czech glass seed beads, Toho seed beads, TierraCast gunmetal key charm, tiny base metal key charms, TierraCast gunmetal jump ring, .019 silver satin Softflex beading cable, heavy sterling silver 2x2 mm crimps.

Dads Key Fob

Designed By Tracy Gonzales (for TierraCast®) This Key Fob is a Perfect Gift for a Proud Parent.

Dysfunctional Limabeader

First off I want to say I have been LOVING everyone's creations! I feel bad because I haven't been able to comment lately, I've been a bit...
Components: Crazy lace agate donut LB, CGBs, Vintaj wire sorry I don't remember the gauges

Bird In a Nest Pendant

LillyPilly Designs created this simple pendant displaying the many ways to layer the new LillyPilly leather components.

Madaleine's Bag clip

This is a bag clip that I made for my son's girlfriend who loves purple. I make
a lot of these for friends. The possibilities are endless! I...
Components: -Indonesian focal beads. -Assorted cord and trim. -Tibetan style silver beads/charms. -Various beads, baubles & bells. -Large swivel clip.

Dragon Nestling Meditation Beads

From Dragon Nestling pick.
Components: Green Girl pewter dragon beads and "eggs" of snakeskin Czech glass and spotted robin eggs of dalmation vanilla and blue druks.

Catholic Chaplets

Catholic single decade chaplets or tenners from my pick Spanish Missionary.
Components: Czech gothic cross tabs, teal and pink silk flying bird tabs, Toho matte black 6/0 and 8/0. Toho 6/0 dark bronze and galvanized aluminum. Pater bead in red is cherry red glass and two beige crow beads, Black Pater Bead is a buri seed.

Mooning Over Garnets

I was looking for something to do with some of my cabochon collection besides wire wrapping. Years ago I bead embroidered a piece using a brass cab...
Components: Toho 11/0 seed beads in galvanized starlight, Toho 11/0 seed beads in opaque lustered white, 3mm garnet rounds and teardrops, Rainbow Moonstone cabochon and teardrops, Swarovski 4mm crystal pearls in white, white Nymo thread, Lacy's stiff stuff bead foundation, white ultrasuede backing, A lot of time and a magnifying glass at times for these old eyes!

Fossilized Dreams Supplies

Not a piece yet just so excited with the supplies that arrived today that I wanted to share!
Components: Turritella Agate, Czech bicones, Sand dollars in glass and bronze, tumbled glass nuggets, sea urchin flat and round, sardonyx rounds, jobs tears.

Last one for today!

Ok here's the last 2
Components: Copper wire, CGB, LB crystal

In Orbit

So here's another!
Components: SSF wire, CGB, LB crystal

More sprinkles of happiness

Here's another one!
Components: SSF wire, LB crystal, CGB

Fairy Sprinkle #1

I had some fun here..... Not sure about how I want to string it, might do simple leather lacing so it doesn't visually compete, but I might do a...
Components: LB tough crystal points peach, SSF wire 20g, and CGB beads in green something, and "fairy sparx"

A Southwestern Attitude

This one was made in steps, meaning I did a little, sat on it (not literally because that wouldn't be comfy), did some more... Design reminds me of...
Components: LB donut, Vintage wire, blue CGB from LB, and my other "go to" fairy sparx (yes that's their name) CGB


This is a custom order I just finished. I still need to make the chain though. I am going to do a leather lacing with a section of handmade chain.
Components: LB donut, rose gold wire 20g, CGB

Czech Gls Button Wirewrapped Pendant

I had seen the Czech glass buttons before and thought they would be great for cab wraps. So, when I got this free from the Easter egg hunt I...
Components: Czech glass button, 22 gauge non-tarnish gold parawire


I am feverishly working on building inventory for an area fashion show in my area. This show is to benefit The Mountain Resource Center which does...
Components: Artistic wire (20 & 22), donut from LB, CGB (of course!)

Happy birthday schmoopi!

I made this pendant for my BFF's birthday. I suspect that you guys might recognize the donut from LB :)
Components: donut (LB), seed beads, (what, no CGB?!?!?!?!?!?) and artistic wire (20 & 26)

Squiggly Seas Bookmark

I wanted to make a bookmark with squiggles and patina, so I used this brass wire to create it and hemp for flair.
Components: Wire

Today's lesson

Learning to control the solder better. If the design isn't pleasing, you can always remelt the solder and try again. Only ruined one rubber stamp...
Components: Hand cut and finished copper cross from sheet metal. Lead free silver solder. Copper wire. Czech glass

Tree Suncatcher

I keep thinking that one of these days I'll find the perfect way to photograph crystal. I'm not there yet but hope springs eternal.

I made the...
Components: 12ga and 24ga copper wire, rock crystal chips, many curse words

hair clip

inspired by the native Americans and their stories..
Components: seed beads and feathers..