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First attempt at rings!

First ring made from memory wire, second is wirewrapping around a mandrel
Components: 1. Seed beads, Czech glass, jasper focal 2. faceted onyx, Swarovski rose gold pearls, gold wrapping wire 18-20 gauge?

Blossom Toe Rings

I got inspired by the upcoming summer at the Jersey shore. Time to create some seasonal jewelry! Best part about these toes rings; they also fit my...
Components: Czech glass flowers, 24g silver plated wire, ring mandrel

Nunn Ring Bling

I make tons of wire wrapped rings...and bought these Nunn Design ring blanks awhile ago. Rediscovered them today on my workbench and made these...
Components: Nunn ring blanks (available from Lima), gold wire, and various stones, glass, stick pearls, and abalone.

It's the Little Things...

I got some fire polished beads from a Sunday Circular and made this super simple ring.
Components: Wire, fire polished round

Scrap Metal

This was originally a finding, but I cut it and and added the sardonyx round for flair.
Components: Sardonyx round, round finding

A Practical Ring is a Practical Thing

Very unlike me, I'll post yet another piece on the same day! This ring I made for my hairdresser, who likes chunky rings, but they have to be...
Components: Brass sheet (0.7 mm?), sawed, filed and sanded, annealed and embossed, and bent and hammered into shape.

Lavender Nest Egg

I love making birds nest jewelry and love the way these Czech glass compliment the silver. I will probably post more nests in the future.
Components: Amethyst druk beads, 24 gauge silver wire

Cinderella Stuff

I wanted to try out crystal clay and decided it would be a great piece.
Components: Bezel, crystal clay, sparkle dust.

A Little Mushroom

Here is the ring I made using some of my copper etching experiments that I posted a week and a half ago! First thought I was doming them to make...
Components: Sheet sterling silver (about 1 mm), wire, etched copper (0, 7 mm??), patina and wax for the copper.

A Trio of Rings

Thought I'd make some rings but didn't expect the design to get out of control like it did with two of them! At least one is a fairly normal...
Components: 14ga brass wire and lots of heat!

A Very Odd Ring!

I can't believe my luck!!! The first ever class I take in jewelry techniques turns out to be THE dream course!! I've learned SO much in two long,...
Components: Sterling silver sheet (1 mm, I think), sterling silver wire (1, 2 mm), impression jasper nugget (LB!).

...and a Handful of Bronze, plus some...

Then I decided to try and make a matching ring of the VERY sturdy bronze wire. The model is what you could call classical, everyone has seen it...
Components: Bronze wire, 14 gauge. Brass wire, 1.5 mm and black patina. Sterling silver 2 mm wire. And torch, hammer, etc.!

Swirly Rings

Happy New Year, LB Friends!
I'm practicing some swirls on artistic wire rings for a high school girls slumber party tomorrow night.
Components: non tarnishing silver artistic wire 18 gauge, beads

Steel and Stones ring

Tough but pretty piece of jewelry.
Components: 16 and 22 gauge annealed steel wire and assorted pink beads.

Topaz Window

Ring made with the leftover beads from my Fleur Tachée/Stained Flower bracelet.
Components: I used the Topaz Firepolished, Green Firepolished, the small Topaz rondelles and some 3mm Bronze Glass pearls. I used a piece of Deer antler that I am about to sculpt beads out of to hold my ring. My husband found it on his last trip up north and I spent 3 days cleaning it to be this sparkling white.

Painted Anchor Ring

The colors in this ring change depending on the light. It's like looking at a new ring whenever you move your hand!
Components: Nunn Design Antique Silver (plated) Large Ornate Oval Bezel Adjustable Ring 24x30mm, bezel effect paint in Midnight Blue and Turquoise, Charm, Resin

rings with blings

I made these 3 rings today.
I was inspired bu my daughter, Isabella after she
expressed how excited she was when I told her
I wanted to make...
Components: Artistic Wire Silver and or Pink ga. 20 Purple Amythest Small Nugget Chips Faceted Oval Blue Topaz Round Purple Flourite

Celtic Green Ring

I made this for my Sister-in-law, Marybeth for her birthday.
Components: A silver Ring with Swarovski Bicones, in emrald, Green Opal, Erinite, with small pewter celtic knot pendant.

Sapphire Elegance

This one was a commission request for a Silver and Sapphire ring, Size 10. I like how it turned out. =^__^=
Components: Argentium Sterling Wire, Toho/Miyuki Seed Beads, Bali Sterling Beads and Bead Caps, Faceted Sapphire Round, Sapphire Rondelle and Two tiny Goldstone Rounds.

Double The Dangles

These are two rings I made. I love the movement and the colors. Easy-peasy pieces to make also!
Components: Silvertone adjustable rings, pearls, cube beads, silver beads all attached with headpins that were wrapped and attached.

Silver and Teal wire wrapped ring

wire wrapped bead ring
Components: Silver plated 20 gauge wire, glass bead

Peyote Rings

I love this piece I created because the color is very bright and I love colors that really stand out. When ever I wear it that's the first thing I...
Components: Yellow 11o seed beads, silver 15o seed beads and Swarovski Elements Crystal Rivolis.

Peyote Rings

I love to bead I find it very relaxing. When I deign a peice I don't design on paper I just look at what I have in front of me and I take it from...
Components: Ravoli Crystals, 11o seed beads, 15o seed bead And Swarovski Crystals.

Copper Rings

There is a site I visit frequently that has a wealth of info, tutorials, etc. If you are not familiar with it then check it out. It is Jewelry...
Components: copper wire, one Czech FP glass bead

Ring Cornucopia

After a week of non-stop travel for work, creating these rings yesterday was rejuvenating. My goal with these rings was to ensure each one was...
Components: Cabs, seed beads, ring blank, ultrasuede, Lacy's stiff stuff

Fun rings

Playful and fun bead embroidered rings: I had so much fun making these! Each ring is unique and a statement piece that is bold yet delicate.
Components: cabs, seed beads, ring blank, ultrasuede

Victorian Days Filigree Ring

Vintage brass filigree component, which I've patina'd to a deep bronze color, wrapped with 14k gold-filled wire to make a lovely ring reminiscent...
Components: Brass filigree, 14k gold filled wire, Citrine, Ruby, freshwater pearls.

Aqua drop

Sterling silver with aquamarine :)

Amethyst swirl

Playing with wire again :) Sterling silver and amethyst accented with a little charoite button

Clustered Pastels

I wanted to do a different ring, something I have never tried before. I have seen many clustered rings online. So here is my first clustered ring...
Components: Silver looped ring band. Silver headpins, and 6mm Pastel Glasss Pearls.

Matte flower

Jess, I found your adorable lil'cobalt flower bracelet in the Design Gallery. I thought it would be a good way to use up the extra teardrops. I...
Components: Matte Jet Picasso 12x16mm teardrops.

Pretty & Brown Out On The Town...

Beautiful Polymer Clay flowers look so nice displayed on a wire wrapped ring...lots of fun to do!
Components: Polymer Clay Flower, Wire Wrapping

Pretty in Pink Polymer Clay Flower Ring

I have had these flowers for over a year and did not know what to do with them. Then I wondered how they would look on a wire wrapped ring. This...
Components: Polymer Flower, Wire wrapping

Wire wrapped rings

Just two wire wrapped rings I made with crystals and filled sterling silver.

Turquoise colored stone with silver wire wrapping

Love to make rings with this color of bead.
Components: 20 gauge artistic wire, turquoise color bead

Turquoise colored stone with brown wire wrapping

I love the color of turquoise...in fact it is one of my best selling colors...this stone is so pretty. Along with the brown wire wrapping...makes...

Swarovski Sparkling Blue Crystal Wire Wrapped in Gold Wire

I love Swarovski Crystals...love their sparkle...love their shine!
Components: Swarovski Crystal - Wire

Rings and Things

Working on these wire wrapped rings yesterday, using silver plated non tarnishing artisan wire.
Sell tons of these. I learned how to make them by...
Components: Rings: Artisan wire and various glass, stone, and cinnabar beads.

clear blue waters

Ab blue crysal and crysal spacer in 20g silver wire