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Freels the Love

Freels the Love

Jungle Rainbow

I got this cord free as free can be from the Easter egg hunt. I have an abundance of amethyst, so I used that, and got the feather from some past...
Components: Cord, Amethyst, glass

Full of Beads Bracelet

Seed beading is not, I repeat not, my forte, so when I saw this chain I was very excited. All I needed to do was add a hook & bright blue tassel. I...

Silk Meets Metal

Lima Beads has lots of pretty silk ribbon, including what they call Fairy Silk Ribbons. Great for quick and easy wrap bracelets. Slide on your...
Components: Bracelet bars. I used a rubber mallet to curve these, as they were flat. Silk ribbon, 36-42 inches. Various beads and charms.

River Force

I recently learned a new chainmaille weave called vipera berus. I wanted to see how it would look with the addition of beads. So, I played around...
Components: Jump rings, seed beads, Czech glass Summer Cottage 10mm squares from LB and 13x4mm Blue Quartz from LB.


What can I say, I like birds. This is one of my first etched pieces. I think it turned out pretty good. I love all things copper and the picasso...
Components: Etched copper piece with vintaj patina. Assorted Czech beads, copper chain, copper bird charm and bead cap and a magnetic clasp.


So there I was...thinking about making another cuff a bit larger than the two or three previous ones. The design sorta got away from me. It is...
Components: Czech fire polished glass and druk beads, gold plated accent beads, 14ga and 24ga red brass

Gifts & Goodies

This may look like an ordinary design, but it's really special because it is made with beads that are only from family. The big blue bead is more...
Components: Coral, African trade bead, waxed nylon, cording, buttons, metal beads

Native American Beauty

I live in Arizona where the Native American tribes which are 10 total make this their ancestral home. Navajo, Apache, Tohono O'odham, Yavapai just...
Components: I used my Jewel Bead Loom by Beadalon along with the Beadalon WildFire beading thread in black. I used mostly the Toho seed beads in size 8/0 except for the dark browns which are the Miyuki 8/0. Here are my colors: Miyuki Opaque / Transparent Dark Brown. The rest are Toho. Permanent Finish - Matte Galvanized Starlight / Gold -Lustered African Sunset / Silver-Lined Frosted Dark Topaz. The 20 mm gold metal ribbon crimps along with a simple styled toggle and clasp to finish the bracelet.

I've Got the Blues

I just love denim and I wear my jeans faithfully when I'm hanging out with my gal pals. I didn't have a bead loomed bracelet with anything blue....
Components: I used my Jewel Loom by Beadalon along with the Beadalon WildFire bead thread in black. I had these very distinctive Czech Mates 2 hole tile beads with the Picasso design. Sort of a jet black with blues mixed in. The blues show the denim color. Perfect for what I wanted. I used Toho seed beads in just two colors : Opaque jet black and the Marbled Opaque Turquoise / Blue. Don't let that Turquoise / Blue fool you. The color of this particular bead really picks up the blues in the Czech Mates to a tee. Yet, gives the right amount of contrast in the design. I wanted to mix it up a bit. I decided to place these wonderful silver metallic looking 6 mm rice beads into my design. I like what or how this turned out. I used the 20 mm silver metal ribbon crimps along with a simply styled silver toggle and clasp.

Green Tea with Olive

I'm still having fun beading with my bead loom. I am loving the new colors that the bead companies have out now. Exciting colors to create...
Components: I used my Jewel Bead Loom by Beadalon using the Beadalon WildFire thread in white. All of the seed beads are from Toho and the size is 8/0. Here are my colors: Matte - Dark Olive / Gold-Lustered Green Tea / Permanent Finish - Frosted Galvanized Yellow Gold / Three of the Silver-Lined Frosted Smoky Topaz. 20 mm gold ribbon crimps with a simple styled gold toggle with clasp to finish the bracelet.

Swashbuckling Sweetheart

I was looking to make a piece that would look like something Ali made. I love her style. Very natural. This is supposed to be a very oceanic...
Components: Coral, metal, pearls, saki silver, fire polished rounds, black Irish waxed linen, patience

Stylish Snake Bracelet

I saw a similar design in my local bead shop, jewelology, and had to try it. It moves like water in your hands, and I love the color. It was my...
Components: Super duos, nymo

Aquarius Bubbles

This bracelet is made with Jesse James beads in Aquarius. As I mentioned in my previous design, I love bead mixes. This was made with one!
Components: Jesse James Design Elements in Aquarius

There's a Rose in my Heart

I had a stockpile of turquoise colored beads and wanted to use some of them.
Components: Ceramic heart by Gaea..LB, peacock flower by C-Koop..LB, Czech glass, vintage recycled glass, copper toggle..all LB, blue green Quartz..LB and imatation turquoise and waxed linen.

Summer in Brittany wrap bracelet

Childhood summer memories from the coast of northern France. Snorkeling, sun, swimming... Lovely!
Components: Marine woven cord, zig-zag cord ends, African glass rings, Rustic Charms: sea star charm, thick o-ring, small dotted ring. Unicorn beads drops, small hammered toggle clasp, Salt-in-the-air-and-sand-in-my-hair charm, Nunn Design textured jump rings.


The geometric forms and the lilac colour somehow remind me of the Maya empire. I'd love to see Tikal and the jungle around it once!
Components: Bone beads, 6 mm faceted gold rounds (Nunn design), brown leather cord, lilac waxed linen, Saki Silver spotted button.

custom design bracelets

chevron chain handbeaded 8in. bracelet, Nepalese handmade bead in center with blue inserts on the side. (bracelets are designed for the...
Components: two size 11 and one size 15 coordinated colors seed beads, with heavy Fireline smoke thread.sterling silver clasp.Other bracelets are designed according to a specific order.

Caramel and Cream Bracelet

I love, love, love, bead mixes. So when I saw these Vanilla Sugar Jesse James beads on clearance, I needed them like I needed air in my lungs. This...
Components: Vanilla Sugar Jesse James Design Elements

Peonies Bracelet

While I would not consider myself to be a pink person, these rondelles spoke to me and said "string me on brown suede, please." I know that sounds...

Birds of a Feather Bracelet

How great are these bird buttons! I was sitting in the photo room talking with Andrea, trying to come up with a plan for the Czech daggers....


I just purchased this very striking polymer clay 22 mm coin shaped bead from Aloha Moe.
Maureen makes the beautiful polymer clay beads which I am...
Components: My focal is the 22 mm coin shaped bead. I used the Czech Mates 6 mm two hole tile beads in the jet black. I strung this bracelet by hand using the Beadalon WildFire thread in black. I very luckily had Toho seed beads that matched perfectly with my focal bead. Toho 8/0 seed beads in two colors : Permanent Finish / Matte Galvanized Pink Lilac and Permanent Finish/ Frosted Galvanized Mint Green. I had these 4 mm round Czech crystal glass beads in purple that worked. I used my 3 mm shiny round silver metal beads. I used my 4 hole I believe the Tierra Cast silver spacer bar bracelet findings. Silver findings used: crimps, crimp covers, wire guardians, 2 round silver 5 mm heishi spacers, and the two hole silver tube clasp.

Dreaming of the Sea

Very similar to one I created called "Softness of the Sea" but I wanted to incorporate these copper patina spiral beads in the design with more...
Components: Leather, amazonite, freshwater pearl, large hole beads, copper patina beads, African recycled glass, pewter hammered ring, swivel clasp

Progression of a Cuff

I wanted to make a cuff with all crystals. Looks pretty good but getting a descent Photo was a whole different ball game. Did you know lighting a...
Components: 14ga and 24ga red brass wire, many different kinds of crystals

Vintage Lake

You may have noticed by now that I love, love, love making bracelets with beaded links with a simple color scheme. If you have never done anything...
Components: Many pretty beads

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Earth day was my inspiration for this piece-- the beautiful colors of a rainbow we are occasionally blessed to see after the rain. I wanted to...
Components: Various gemstones: turquoise, jade, jasper, chalcedony, Citrine, Amethyst, lapis. Sterling silver leaf, sterling silver magnetic clasp

More pearls

Time for another pearl cuff! I made this one with darker colors in a size that will fit larger wrist. I still have a great grunch* of pearls....
Components: pearls, 14ga and 24ga wire, one glass bead

One for Me

I used leather for the ends of this loomed bracelet for a more rustic look than my others which used magnetic clasps. As usual, it was a trial and...
Components: Various seed beads, Czech glass, Lapis, leather cord, flat leather, TierraCast button, C-lon cord and thread.

Buffalo Bracelets

I wanted to use this button in a bracelet for a friend of mine who loves buffaloes. It was a project to figure out how to attach a button flush to...
Components: 15mm buffalo leather, button, 1.5mm leather cord, 20g Artistic Wire and magnetic clasp. The skinny ones are the same components but using 10mm flat leather.

Oxblood Czech Mates Bracelet

To quote from Monty Python.."And now for something completely different" que the music !! I am half pure Czech and I'd like to know whose the one...
Components: 6mm Czech Mates 2 hole tile beads in the Picasso style in Oxblood. I paired my Toho round size 8/0 seed beads. Inside-Color Crystal/ Metallic Teal Lined with the photos don't give the true colors of the beads. There is teal green mixed in that Picasso design. I used the Silver-Lined Frosted Black Diamond to give some sparkle without too much bling and to separate the lines into a simplistic design. I used my Jewel Bead Loom with the Beadalon WildFire bead thread in black. I used my shiny silver ribbon crimps and a simple shiny toggle and clasp to finish the bracelet. Let's just say that this bracelet is slowly growing on me. Even the not so pretty beads get some exposure.

Chainamille part 2

So, here's the thing. I learn something new and then it's all I can do! Pretty much like a baby that figures out it has a voice and then has to...
Components: Tumbled rough cut miss agate, CZ beads (flower one is pressed glass), sterling silver filled wire

A name? No idea

Ok, so I am totally guilty of working and watching tv at the same time until late at night, like 1:45 am..... But this is what I made during my...
Components: Czech Glass beads, copper wire

Loomed Bracelet

Inspired by all the lovely loomed bracelets I am seeing on LB, I decicided to try one for myself! This one is 1" wide, 17 beads across - I had to...
Components: 11/0 seed beads, Fireline beading thread, magnetic clasp from stash. Bead tube ends from LB

Cuff in Purple Passion

I have the Czech Mates 2 hole tiles in the Luster Opaque Amethyst that I decided to use on my bead loom. I wanted to make myself a cuff bracelet...
Components: For starters ...the 6 mm two hole Czech Mates tile beads in the Luster Opaque Amethyst. Toho seed beads in size 8/0 were used : Marbled Opaque Light Blue / Amethyst = Matte in the Mauve Mocha = Silver Lined Crystal. The beads in the silver lines are the 3mm Czech glass beads that I received from my Easter egg hunt with Lima Beads. It was one of their prizes. I just incorporated them into my design. I used my Jewel Loom by Beadalon with the Beadalon WildFire thread in white. I used my 20 mm shiny silver ribbon crimps. I'm happy that I decided to use the Toho silver lined crystals as the silver gives this design some bling. And who doesn't like a little bit of bling in their wardrobe these days ? Last, I used a shiny toggle and clasp to complete the bracelet.

Wisteria Meadow

I love the colors in this bracelet and the variety of bead types. It includes glass, gemstone, and even some hemp! It will be on my Etsy store....
Components: Anything blue, purple or green


I decided to make a bracelet with some odds and ends I had.
Components: Turquoise, Green Onyx, Czech Glass, Agates, pink Jade, brass spacers, Amazonite ?, lucite flower, silver toggle and waxed linen.

Aluminum Angel

I got this idea looking through Lima for eggs. Great project when you only have ten minutes!
Components: Sun mist silk, aluminum cable chain

Persian Turquoise Beauty

I have these Czech Mates two hole tile beads collecting dust. I have the Beadalon Jewel Loom waiting to be used. Add these two and this is what I...
Components: I used my 6 mm Czech Mate two hole tiles in the Persian Turquoise Moon Dust. Pretty beads at that !!! I matched up three of the Toho size 8/0 seed beads that I thought would go nicely with the dark turquoise. Antiqued mettalic silver for starters followed by opaque matte gray. This one did the trick...opaque lustered lagoon which made this color combo pop. I used my WildFire beading thread in the black. I finished off by using my 20 mm silver ribbon crimps. A nice shiny oval roped toggle and clasp to finish attached by the silver split rings. I love using the split rings as I'm confident that I will not loose my toggle / clasp and the the bracelet is secure. What I find is when I am weaving after I finished with my beads that I will weave another time with my thread. It makes the bracelet a little bit more taunt and stronger. It still has the flexability to it. I also played with my design as to making it a little more interesting playing the colors of the grays. I am very please with my first experiment with the Czech Mates.

Bronzed Brown Czech Mate Bead Weave

I have in my bead stash some of the
Czech Mates two hole squares which are collecting dust. I love to bead weave now since I have my Jewel Loom...
Components: O.k.. I used the 6 mm two hole tile Czech Mates in the Picasso opaque light beige. I love these beads !!! Two rows of the Toho seed beads in the size 8/0. One is the bronze matte and the other is the matte galvanized starlight. I used my WildFire bead thread in the black. I have different sizes and colors of the metal ribbon crimps.Here I used the 13 mm gold ribbon crimps. I used this beautiful rope design gold toggle and clasp attached by gold split rings.