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Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

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Shimmer and Fizz Booth

My current booth set up. A mixture of homemade/repurposed jewelry stands plus a couple of black velvet stands that I aquired. The sign is new and I...

Summer 2011 Booth Display!!

Here's my current booth that Eric set up for me. We've now incorperated both pieces of the "Pie Safe" that belonged to his mom. Not only does it...

New Look!

I finally decided to ignore the ridiculous pile of dishes (extra person living in the house, extra company due to extra person) in my kitchen...
Components: GIMP, lots and lots and lots of time

A new website (and another necklace

another necklace with glass beads and twisted copper beads. I like the colors, but I look at these beads and know I need to keep practicing!...
Components: lampworked glass beads, twisted copper beads, copper chain

First Show of the Season

In spite of the wind, the weather was beautiful (unlike last weekend, when it snowed!). We had a great show, caught up with some other vendors I...

May Submission ll

Here is my other piece for the May issue. They gave me 3 pages for this one. How exciting. On cloud 9!

May Submission

This necklace is in the May issue of Bead Trends. The funny story behind this is that I didn't even intend on submitting this one. Notice the name...

Steampunk Expo

I normally get two tables when I do shows but this time around I wanted to try one. I don't think that it turned out too bad. It was a fun...

winter show

I did a "quick set-up" display. I got one of those cheap fiber-boards (1/4 inch), painted it (so tape would not stick), and used PVC pipe to make a...
Components: a van full of stuff to sell

Craft Fair Display

This is my display from last year's craft fair.
Components: Sterling Silver, Coral, crystal, more

School Craft/Vendor Fair

My second Craft fair. Fall/Winter Fair

Open House

Well, I survived my Open House this weekend & I loved it! So conveinent, no overhead & sold quite a few pieces. Even had some interest in doing...

Business Card Holder

I turned a scrap piece of copper wire into a business card holder. I used my PetPerks card becuase it was windy this morning and the plastic card...

Mock Up Display for Show

Upcoming show on April 2nd at work. Really nervous to display to everyone I know. I am going to spray paint everything white to black. I have 4...

display from 1st spring show

This was my display from 1st craft show of the spring.The show was very busy, however, I was "the new kid on the block" and did not do as well as I...

Victorian Pie Safe - Booth Display

Decided it was time to improve on the look of my booth. Eric pulled out the bottom section of a Victorian Pie Safe that belonged to his mother....I...
Components: Victorian Pie Safe Base

1st Art Show of the Year 2011

This is my 1st show for this year, and I did something a little different, I had my sister share a booth with me ( she makes home decor items) the...
Components: Mid Winter Art Show


I know some of you have been busy orgainizing your bead work areas. I have several of these organizers that I use for my findings. I find the...

Extreme Makeover When Hubby is away

I am so happy I finally have a space to call my own, This new space is where I will be making my treasures (jewelry) I use to do it at my dining...
Components: All furniture was reused to make something new, The shelf was a old dresser (drawers were used) the desk was a old door.. My sister wanted to add the mirror to make the space seem bigger. This is set against a natural brick wall. Now I have to add all my jewelry supplies..

Berlin Arts and Humanity

The Berlin Arts and Humanity called me to see if I would let them display my jewelry with other artist from the area at the public library in a...
Components: Artist Work.. At the Public Library.

My First Show

Thank all you for the encouragement. I did okay for my 1st craft show. Around a 100 vendors. So all considering, small town and lots of jewelry...

Display Practice -w/no jewelry

Except for the earring tree....I set up on my patio to practice my display for maximum product placement! I didn't put my lights out either....
Components: Displays, crushed velvet table cover

My First Craft Show

These are pictures of my first craft show last weekend October 2 & 3, 2010 at the L&N Depot in Etowah, TN. My mom and I had an absolute blast! We...

Art show set up

Setting up for the art show. Sat weather was in 90's. 8) I got a bad sunburn :( (when will i learn? ) bordering on sun poisoning ... but had a...
Components: :D

Booth for Aspencade

This was how my displays ended up looking for the arts and crafts fair. My husband made all the displays for me. I also had 2 dress form...

My New Tags

Here we go....my new tags that took me all day. I am happy with them.

Also look at those cute charms. On one side it say "loves me" and the...

fall fest booth

Our booth for Fall Fest!

My first craft show display

This was outside, and there a few booths behind me, so it's hard to see, but my first attempt. The large display in the middle was a last minute...

My Booth

This was my booth for the show last weekend. Things went well, the weather was great :) Suggestions are welcome. I am working on a banner, my...

Bead Mess

I have been charged with abuse of beads, hence my term in bead prison. All the evidence is here in the picture (every box has beads or findings in...

Todays Show

Today was Good Neighbor Day in my town. I had the best show ever. I sold a ton of things and made a bunch of contacts. People asked to do classes...

Craft Fair display

This is my very colorful jewelry display at a local craft fair/yard sale. The black dress forms are my earring racks, which I LOVE! I like to make...
Components: my stuff

My stomach's in knots

I just entered my first (not to mention it's also juried) arts and crafts festival... crossing my fingers that they'll let me in. These are some...
Components: multiple

Carlsbad Village Art Show

Here's my spread at the Art in the Village Show in Carlsbad, CA. last weekend...It was a really good show, & sold a lot, including many major...
Components: Easy-up, tables, tablecloths, easels, displays, jewelry, etc....oh, and myself...LOL!!!

A little bit goes a long way...

I wanted to encourage everyone that with just a couple seconds of work on your photographs, you CAN make them look good. I use the free gimp...
Components: multiple

I Am in the local News Paper Today

I had a interview last week for my local news paper, I was in the feature section today. I was surprised, I took almost a page, I thought it was...
Components: Newspaper July 22, 2010

New Pic Theme IV

Again, more of the new picture theme with previously posted pieces. The first is pearl, sterling and garnet (again, thanks to Julie K. for her...

New Pic Theme III

These are previously posted pieces, just posting them again with the new photo spread (i.e. the cow). The first is coral, wood, and turquoise....
Components: multiple

Home Show July 4th weekend

Jewelry displayed at MIL's house for the next 2 weeks!
Components: :D

New Pic Theme II

More of my new picture theme. I think it lets the turquoise show off a bit better.
Components: multiple


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