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Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

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Beaded Bead Tute

A tutorial of how to do a beaded bead. Hope you all understand it, and it's not to confusing.
Components: 12mm round wood bead, 11/0 seed beads. I chose purple and green so you could see it better. For your first attempt I would suggest just doing one color of seed bead. Tip 1) Make sure the wood beads hole is big enough to do a bunch of passes through it, but not to big. Tip 2) You will want your wood bead to match the seed bead, as you will have a few little gaps.

Wooly Hoops

I started out wanting to wrap the Tagua hoops completely with cord and beads, but it seemed too bulky and didn't allow for me to see the hoop. Then...

Leather & Nuggets Necklace

I selected a variety of nuggets in faded earthy jewel tones. The colors reminded me of a vintage tie-dyed t-shirt & jeans. That color palette...

Cellini How-to

People have been so kind about commenting on my spiral weave pieces, I thought I'd return the favor. This is the first one I made. It's more...
Components: Size 15, 11, 8 and 6 seed beads; needle; thread, (I've used 6 pound Fireline); beading dish. (I arrange the beads in order in the compartments of my beading dish.)

Raven Necklace

Not hardly as gothic as an Edgar Allen Poe poem, this Raven is waiting to fly away to a new studio. This little guy can also stand is as a cute...
Components: Raven Humblebeads bead, 32" silk cord, 1 brass filigree ring, 1 brass branch, 3 brass 15mm jump rings, 1 brass leaf blank, 1 brass leaf charm, 1 arte metal key, 1 brass flower beadcap, 5 etched jump rings, 3 gunmetal ball headpins, 1 8mm pyrite bead, 2 6mm labradorite faceted rondelles, 20" brass colored wire 24 gauge

Rosebud Earrings

A field of willows set on a golden yellow background inspired these earrings
Components: 2 Humblebeads petal headpins, 2 sterling silver earwires, 4 Czech glass flowers

Boho Tassel Necklace

I have been seeing tassels everywhere and decided that I needed to make my own and put it in a long, simple necklace. Making your own bead chain...

Dahlia Pendant Necklace

A beautiful dahlia in a peachy salmon color inspired by a farmers market favorite. The simple things in life can bring unmeasurable joy.
Components: Dahlia Pendant - Humblebeads, Glass spacer & leaf heapin - Thornburg Bead Studio, 21 Rizo Seed Beads in the main color, 6 Rizo Seed Beads in the accent color, 8-10mm gunmetal jump rings, 9-7mm gunmetal jump rings, 1 lobster clay clasp, 2-5mm gunmetal jump ring, 16" gunmetal chain, 22 gauge gunmetal wire

Rhinestone & Leather Wrap Bracelets

I have been seeing rhinestone jewelry everywhere recently, and while I do not consider myself a "bling" person, I fell in love with the simplicity...

DIY Jangles Flower Pendant

Jennifer made up great components to combine to make a really fun flower pendant! All you need are 4 things. This is an easy tutorial on how to put...

Sparkle Pop! Necklace

The striped pendant link from Jangles is the perfect way to create a funky centerpiece for my necklace. I chose Jennifer's round set of beads and...

Vintage Garden Bangle

This is another way to make a fun bracelet with rhinestone chain! You can pretty much wrap rhinestone chain to anything -- leather, ribbon, chain...

Glass Pebbles Necklace

I've been wanting to make a simple multi strand necklace to wear this summer, but didn't want to just string the beads and be done. Then I...

Quick Glass Rings Necklace

Using the glass ring connector from Trinket Foundry makes creating a cool focal super quick and easy! Combine 2 recycled glass rings in your...

2 Row Tagua Nut Link Bracelet

As soon as we got these tagua nut links, I could hear them screaming "make me into a bracelet!!" :) By joining them with Vintaj etched jump rings I...

Fringed Tagua Nut Necklace

I had a necklace since the late 90's that was fringed in the front from a collection of shell shards. I have probably worn it every summer since I...

Recycled Glass Necklace

I have been itching to make a summer necklace using the recycled glass. First, I had to decide which colors to use and as usual I was drawn to all...

"Imagine" Beautiful Purple

This is a Miyuki Seed Bead 6/0 ladder stitch bracelet. I love purple and I just thought adding a charm would be a nice touch to a wrap bracelet.
Components: It is your basic wrap bracelet which I do without needles and I used C-Lon thread(purple with violet leather cording. The seed beads are eggplant, and lilac with an imagine charm and silver starburst button.

Zippy Double Love Pave Sparkle on Leather

I made the Double Love Pave Sparkle on Leather several months ago and wear it all the time. In fact, everyone got one for Christmas and they wear...

Fiber Sparkle Dangle Bangle

Another year has passed and I am still loving the stacking layered bracelet look. Bangles are a great way to easily stack on your wrist. I wrapped...

Emerald Droplets Pave Earrings

These pave drops were just screaming at me to make them into earrings. I combined them each with a charcoal shell pearl to swing at the bottom....

Black Lava Rock Pendant

While on a vacation to Maui, I visited the black sand beach near Hana. As a souvenir of my visit, I created this pendant from a pebble I picked up...
Components: Oval lava rock 1.5 inches in length, 18 gauge silver plated copper wire, 26 gauge brass wire

Copper Link Bracelet

18 gauge copper wire with hammer texturing
Components: 18 gauge copper wire, lobster clasp

rings with blings

I made these 3 rings today.
I was inspired bu my daughter, Isabella after she
expressed how excited she was when I told her
I wanted to make...
Components: Artistic Wire Silver and or Pink ga. 20 Purple Amythest Small Nugget Chips Faceted Oval Blue Topaz Round Purple Flourite

Violet Tendril Earrings

I always have a problem with earrings, because I love big jewelry. Big earrings tend to be a little heavy on the ears, so I often end up just...

October Sun Earrings

As I said with my other lucite flower earrings, I love big jewelry, but when it comes to making earrings, heavy doesn't always agree with my ears....

Spring Green

Well, I just thought the green was appropriate for spring and it was very elegant.
Components: Done on 1.5 metallic mint leather cord, ladderstitched the way I have done in the past(check out my other wrap bracelets on this site), Peridot gems, pearls, topaz, shiny rondelles, and the some moonstones and green faceted gems.

Darling Ivy

Quick earrings with matte green lucite ivy leaves & fw pearl dangle.

Pod Collage Necklace

The inspiration for this necklace was actually my mom. I had her birthday quickly approaching and wanted to make a great necklace that she could...

Fiber Tendrils Lily Earrings

I love making coils and then messing up their perfect shape. I feel like it better represents what we see in nature. The colorful WoolyWire makes...

Ancient Waters Cuff

I found this cuff in my studio that I had been using to experiment with patinas and instantly thought of how I would love to wrap it in leather and...

Metal Bouquet Cuff

This cuff is beautiful on its own, but as usual I found myself thinking about what it was missing … more flowers! By simply enlarging the holes in...

Zig Zag Bracelet

This is a design provided to us by TierraCast designed by Tracy Gonzales.

When I saw all of these great components geared towards leather I...

Studded Leather Cuff

When there is a blank surface I am going to fill it with something and this stitched leather cuff was no different. However, I didn't want to go...

Braided Suede Wrap Bracelet

Soft, simple, wrapping, easy to stack with other bracelets, cool enough to stand on its own - these are all the things I love about this bracelet...

A Burst of Sunshine

Found something similar on the beadshop site. It is my first 5 wrap beaded bracelet. Now I know why they are so expensive. Took me some hours.
Components: Sundance Red Leather 1.5MM cord, 4MM perals, copper rondelles and carnelian beads with a sort of rectangle button.

Rhodonite Delight

Rhodonite, pink peony and pistachio are combined on memory wire for an elegant look.
Components: Rhodonite nuggets or lima's Rhodonite wheels 6x15 (20), LIMA Products: Rhodonite rounds or small chips (30), Pistachio Pearls 4mm(32) 6mm(5) 8mm(12), Pink Peony faceted bicones 4mm(10) 6mm(18), TOHO crystal (w/ Hot Pink lining) Treasure #1 seedbeads (22), Memory Wire, Headpins(3), JumpRing (1)

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

This is one of my very favorite types of bracelets to make. They are simple and look elegant if you don't look at the tape it is on(I was trying to...
Components: This was made with purple metallic leather cord, tanzanite swarovski crystals, waxed linen(Purple I believe), and button of your choice.

Robin in the Tree Necklace

The colors for this piece are inspired by the melted collage of color on the focal leaf (I used the Melting Pot to emboss it). The Humble Beads...