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Ceramic goodies!

The school had a two-day fall holiday last week, I took two days off too, and my Mom came to visit. She brought with her a lot of goodies: ceramic...
Components: First necklace: my stoneware ceramic beads, Toho beads and jasper (LB), on waxed linen. Clasp from bronze wire, happened to be lying about. Second necklace: leather cord from LB (5 mm?), ceramic focal, slide and cord ends from bronze sheet (the ends have pieces of wire soldered on to keep them in place on the inside), textured with leaf stamp. I won't mind if this one doesn't sell, kinda liked it! Earrings: spare pair of silver tubes I made, ss wire, ceramic beads with glaze and attaching loop.


coral and black glass

Still autumn

another impression Jasper.
Coral and black glass
Olive green glass with gold spacers
Components: All my bead are strung on 45 strand wrapped beading wire.Never plastic. I would hate to lose beads. I make them longer for my larger friends.


I love the colours of the silk string and the organic loop!!
Components: Saki Silver organic loop, Moonstone rough nugget, Silk string


This cross is very hard to cut. Once it is cut and edges softened, on this piece I used flowers. Also used turquoise paint to accent and my...
Components: Copper metal, czech glass beads and deerskin. Time and elbow grease.

Ocean Tribute

I was inspired after I made "Little Black Dress" but didn't want to make the same thing again. I realize there are some similarities between the...
Components: Natural undeyed freshwater pearls Labradorite in 2 cuts and sizes Vintaj copper wire in various sizes

" Goddess Maat "

This is my entry for October's challenge at Art Bead Scene Blog. The inspitation was a painting form the tomb of Queen Nefertari winged goddess...
Components: Lapis lazuli drops, Greek Beads, waxed linen, copper chain are all from Lima Beads. Ceramic beads from Happy Fallout, Pendants Angel Wisperer and Scorched Earth, Gold lampwork spacers Jasmin French, Handmade copper clasp and jumprings.

Vintage copper cross

I have not posted in a while. Trying out some weaving and metal work.
Let me know what you think...
Components: Made with 16 & 22 gauge wire. Emeral cubic zirconia in the center.

Sand Flower

I got flu again today. Wasn't it enough that I had a three-day flu last week (and went to work, stupid me)? Stayed home and needed something really...
Components: Mother-of-pearl chips, agate (some of them are actually striped, otherwise it doesn't look like agate to me), my own striped ceramic beads, Toho beads and hemp cord from Lima. For the clasp: sterling silver sheet and wire, bronze sheet (solder and patina).

Altered States

I've done a lot of altering and embellishing base metal, copper, and brass components in my time. Painting, flaming, alcohol inks, guilder's...
Components: Vintaj brass piece, recycled glass drop from Lima Beads. I also lightly sanded the surface to highlight the brass designs.

Silver Slate

I got the pendant from a sweet girl from Bali at the Tucson show in February. Recently found some crystals that were perfect match. Lots of light...

Desert Sunset

I must give credit to AllureofGlam Julia for giving me suggestions on colors to use with this Lipstick Ranch pendant! I used it in a pick and...
Components: Sun pendant, purple crazy lace agate are from LB. Hill tribe silver spacers, pearls, Yellow Jasper, my stash, along with the lovely Olive Stuart lampwork bead. Sterling silver wire bail, also my stash.

An Agate Statement

Fall sort of inspired this piece plus what I had in my stash. I'd actually love to wear it myself but will hopefully sell it.
Components: Crazy lace agate sticks and 6mm faceted rounds, tiger eye sticks, gold filled clasp. I used the round agates to go around the neck. Back when I was more creative, I did primarily classic designs. So I thought I'd go outside of my box a bit.

Sticks with Stones

One flat round left....what do I do with it ? Make it the focal piece! Notice the one blue stick on the right...just for fun!
Components: Amazonite Blk. Tourmaline flat round, black agate top drilled sticks, sesame Jasper rounds, black glass saucers, rounds, and faceted barrels. Beading wire and lobster claw clasp.

The dam has burst, and it feels really good.

Apologies for all the posts lately. I hope that it is an encouragement for those of you who feel stuck or in a rut, regarding your creative...
Components: Vintaj dragonfly (LB has this available), brass chain and findings, glass crystals

Ocean Jasper w/Homemade Bail

Another one, this tome with an ocean jasper pendant. The rhodochrosite beads married well with the pinks in the ocean jasper.
Components: Ocean jasper pendant, FW pearls, ocean jasper beads, rhodochrosite beads, antiqued copper spacers, square copper wire, 14 ga.

Jasper pendant with homemade bail

I decided to see if I could make my own bail, so I got out my trusty hammer and got to work.
Components: Copper wire 14ga, square, jasper pendant, leather cord, freshwater keshi pearls, MOP beads, shell beads, glass seed beads. All my stash, I believe.

Upcycled Bliss

I made the pendant using a Vintaj blank, guilders paste, Lisa Pavelka resin and then for the longest time that was as far as I could get. I...
Components: 100% silk sari ribbon in Coffee from LB African recycled glass tumbled beads 10-14 mm from LB Blue beads from stash Vintaj brass blank Cherry tree embossing folder Guilders paste Lisa Pavelka uv curing resin Non tarnish silver wire from Artistic wire in gauges 18 & 26

Half and Half Necklace

This long necklace is half large open chain and half agate nuggets knotted on caramel colored waxed linen cord. And a few pyrite chunks thrown in....
Components: Agates, chain, waxed linen cord, earring findings

rainy afternoon

Awhile ago I did a pick called "rainy afternoon". I have used a lot of the beads from that pick as well as beads I have aquired for this project....
Components: Rainbow fluorite, dyed moss agate, Imperial Jasper, turquoise, sea blue quartz, Peruvian Amazonite, and seed beads.

Yippee! Lima order's arrived!

Love, love these recycled glass pendants from LB.
And was thrilled when the red ones perfectly matched the seed beads I'm currently using. Have...
Components: recycled glass, turquoise rondelles, silver plated findings and chain

Backyard Doves

I’m on a mission to complete all of my unfinished projects!

This necklace began last summer inspired by a pair of Ring-Necked doves that...
Components: Picture Jasper rondelles (LB) & rounds; Unakite sticks, rounds, pebbles; Shell beads; Jasper(?) coin bead; Seed beads, ACF findings, jumprings, connectors. HOOK: 14 ga copper wire; patina solution; Vintaj Glaze-metal sealer (LB); 24 ga Parawire (LB)

A Walk in the Woods

I had purchased some earring components...driftwood shards..and decided they were too long for earrings I wanted to, I made one a...
Components: shard, Leopardskin Jasper, Autumn Jasper, Carnelian, Terracotta, green and red peacock seeds, copper chain.

For Becky

A few months ago I made a Fresh Pick with the same name, when one of my picks made a POD I purchased the bird bead and a few other beads from that...
Components: Kylie Parry bird bead, A Beaded Gift zulu bead, Soocho Jade, Vintaj clasp and beads, waxed linen and seed beads are all from Lima Beads. Cedar slice bead Rich Kibbons, ceramic oak leaf Clay River, ceramic flower bead Majoyoal, lampwork discs Garden of Beads. Bayong wood beads from my stash.


Like Fresh Baked, I haven't got much done jewelry-wise lately. There is even one lady who ordered a necklace that is somewhat complicated to make,...
Components: Copper details by me (the pendant thing was a leftover from a measuring spoon for ground coffee which I experimented with -- ended up a bit too small), Red Jade, a very interesting silk yarn probably made of scrap fabric or thread, Toho beads on the yarn, leather lace, bone bead by me as button.

Dragonfly Nouveau

I love dragonflies. They are symbols in many cultures of change, harmony, and joy. What's not to like?
Components: Russian gold plated brass pendants, gold plated jump rings and clasp


Sorry I didn't have a prettier model for this but I was the only one home. I've made this one for me. Planning on wearing it to a wedding soon.
Components: Tiny garnet rounds, little olive lampwork, copper toggle clasp, (my stash) colbalt agate, various Czech glass, and one tree agate for the focal. (L.B.)

Blue heart

I made this necklace with a lovely glass bead I have had for ages with the lovely blue hearts in it, all the way around. I just managed to see the...
Components: I have added the lovely silver large hole beads on the turquoise leather, with a heart-shaped clasp! Turquoise White Heart glass beads

Starfish woman

I fell in love with this Green Girl pendant, and wanted to compliment it without being too literal. I came up with this 8 pointed star chain, and I...
Components: Green Girl pendant, 1/8" bright aluminum jump rings, lobster clasp

Good morning coffee my love!

I made this from my fresh pick of the same name. This is the last piece of the Occo Agate slice. I really struggled with how to use it. I decided...
Components: Artistic wire non tarnish silver plated in gauges 20, 24 Occo agate slice with druzy Ivory silk sari ribbon Rock crystal faceted rounds Howlite puff coin 19 wire beadlon bead stringing wire Coffee silk sari ribbon Czech glass coffee baroque bicone

Sticks and Mystery Stones

I found these beads in a 1 kg parcel I bought. I know the sticks are Carnelian but I'm not sure what the other stones are. They ar more gray than...
Components: Carnelian and ????

Turquoise Giraffe

I didn't want to do just another black and white piece so I added a pop of color to these dyed agate beads.
Components: Dyed Agate giraffe beads, Chalk Turquoise beads, silver plated chain and lobster claw clasp.

Drops of Labradorite

I have had the pendant for a while and could never decide how to use it until I found the Labradorite drop beads at my local bead store. I just...
Components: Labradorite pendant and drops, silver plated 4mm beads, chain, wire and clasp.

Dark Innocence Choker

Chokers are becoming extremely popular and I wanted to make one myself. I ordered some silk and had an old locket from Michaels. (Nothing in it)
Components: Silk, locket

Silver inspiration

Yes more playing with wire! And I used yet another of the pieces from the Occo Agate slice that broke ;) I'm really enjoying wire work, and when I...
Components: 0.5mm leather Artistic nontarnish silver plated wire in gauges 18, 20, 24 & 26 Piece of Occo Agate slice from LB (waste not want not right?!)

Green and black Framed

This looks so good against a black tee shirt. I bought these focals at the Bead & Button show and can't remember their name. Love those matte black...
Components: Stone beads, czech glass beads, 16, 28 & 22 gauge copper wire. 4mm leather.

Copper and Blue Jeans

So I wanted to experiment. Again. I think I'm the queen of waste not want not with jewelry design! I was making the pendant with the Occo Agate...
Components: Thunderstorm silk ribbon 1/2" from LB Vintaj parawire in copper gauges 24, 20, & 16 Oval raku beads from LB Occo agate slice from LB Large hole beads from my stash...

Fun with Rectangles

One more fresh pick inspiration-my Chiclets necklace. I love all the colors of the Czech glass rectangles and thought they would make a fun,...
Components: Czech glass rectangles from LB. Copper chain, head pins, square hematite heshi all from my stash.

Laboradite and Garnet

This is another one from a pick I made. I've been wanting to put laboradite and garnet together, so here they are. I think it makes a nice T-shirt...
Components: Labradorite, Hill Tribe silver beads from my stash. Garnet, pyrite, and gray Irish waxed linen cord from LB. I'm really crazy about the waxed linen.

Ceramic blues

This is actually very heavily based on a design by Jennifer Krisch, which I saw in Bead Style magazine. I had the rectangular ceramic bead for...
Components: 1 ceramic rectangular bead + 2 bead aligners, 43 Czech glass blue dalmatian beads 4 mm + headpins, 4 Gaea ceramic beads, 4 African recycled glass rings, 2 African recycled glass beads (sky blue and coffee), 2 gemstone beads 10 mm (white-brown and whie-blue), 2 recycled glass heishi (blue), 4 shell heishi, 4 bronze bead heishi. Jump rings (4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm), 20 cm chain + lobster clasp, wire