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Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

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Pink Flower Ring

Handmade of polymer clay, pink flower, adhered to an adjustable gold tone ring.

Red Magnolia Filigree Ring

Handmade of polymer clay, red magnolia adhered to a filigree adjustable ring.

Gimme a Ring Sometime

I'm back in the ring making mode!
Components: 18, 20, 22, and 24 ga wire, teal pearl, dragonsblood jasper, Carnelian, Rhodonite, and ruby in fuschite

Hand four, ring

...version 4 from hand theme...ring...

All 12 Birthstone / Zodiac Rings

I was doing Blog Talk Radio a few weeks ago with a friend of mine talking about gems & I discussed maybe starting a Birthstone / Zodiac Ring...
Components: copper wire, Peridot, Garnet, Lapis, Carnelian, Chrysoprase, aventurine, Citrine, turquoise, pearl, crystal quartz, opal, Amethyst

Copper Rosette

This was a practice piece which turned out quite good!
Components: 18ga Copper Wire

Rainbow MoonStone

Rainbow Moonstone ring with deep red swarovski crystals on the sides to sparkle. Done in non tarnish silver.
Components: rainbow Moonstone

Simply silver ring

I was at a local bead shop today and saw a ring similar to this and it gave me inspiration! Couldn't wait to come home and try. The 3rd photo is...

Ring a ling a ling 3

These are button rings I've made. I've discovered that it's best to have a short shank on the button and wrap multiple times so the button doesn't...

Ring a ling a ling 1

I've been crazy making rings since I took my are some of the rings I have made - LOVE them!

Toe Ring for Christine

My sister wanted me to make her a toe ring. I had some leftover wire today and thought "aha" I can try to toe ring.

It's Just a Ring

I'm still trying to make friends with the ring mandrel. This one is by far the best I've made. I'll keep practicing. I've been wearing this ring...
Components: 14ga copper wire

First wide band copper ring

the copper, it's all about the copper!! :D
Components: Copper sheet metal, glass leaves, careful cutting, shaping, and hammering and such.

Cleopatra's Asp and Company

Wanted to make a ring...made four of them...the "Asp" was the last. Time to take a break from rings, again.
Components: 16ga copper and ring mandrel

Fruit punch

This was my attempt at home making the ring all by myself! I am so excited to know how to make rings - I cannot even tell you!!! :))

I learned to make rings!

I took a class at my one of my local bead stores on Wednesday and this is what we made.
The first one is made with sterling wire, swar(sp?)...

A BIG Ring to match the cuff, heh

The cuff inspired a matching ring, lol ;)
Components: 18 gg copper wire, brown and green stones.

Apatite Ring

Yet another ring - love making them can you tell?!♥

This one is done with chips of gorgeous blue apatite. Size 7 1/2
Components: non tarnish silver wire, Apatite

Silver / Copper Ring

Twists of silver & copper together to bring you this ring. I've added 2 tiny swarovski crystals to give it that extra sparkle!
Components: copper wire, crystals

black and white

When I first noticed this button I thought about a ring
Components: Shell button, non tarnish silver plated wire

Garnet Ring

This is a ring I did the other night with some gorgeous garnet chips - they're the color of a rich Burgandy wine! What do you think of this ring?...
Components: silver copper wire, garnet chip beads

I tried A Ring

I have been watching all the amazing rings posted lately so I gave it a try.
Components: Copper wire, pearl, shell

LadyLike Ring

For the ladies ;)
Components: Wire n freshwaterpearl

Lets Smash the Wire

Strarted playin whit the wires. Not perfectly satisfied whit the plated brozed wire, the plating is really delicate, so wwhat I did was smashing it...
Components: Diff. wires

Pure Easy Ring

Also a easy ring to do. Just wrapp the silver around the copper, turn the copper into a knot, hammer it, done!
Components: Copperwire, Silverplated copperwire

A Lil Bit Goth Ring

One of the most simpliest ring designs I have come up whit... This ring become dark n mystic!
Components: Artistic Jasper f rom LB, Wire

Wire Work Rings

More rings to display...and hopefully, sell!

The one on the left is sold!
Components: African Turquoise, Howlite Turquoise, China Chrysoprase, Copper Wire ~ 18ga & 26ga.

Chakra Twist Ring

Had this necklace of chip beads that I knew I was going to take apart for something & then I found this ring tutorial & adapted it to add gemstones...
Components: wire, gemstones

Adjustable Two~Bead Ring

This is a variation of a design by Carol Ladine Lagoski...I wanted to try another ring.

This ring is sold!
Components: Copper Wire ~ 18ga & 26ga, Red Banded Agate

First Ring

I have discovered that I love copper wire and I was playing around with it....this is the result!
Components: Copper Wire ~ 18ga & 26ga, Feldspath

Vintage Ring

Something different...first try at a ring.
Components: Vintaj brass diamond, brass headpins, swarovski crystals

Eye of the Tiger

My version of a wire weave ring design from "Wire Jewelry" by Art Jewelry Books. This is ring #2, ring #1 is a pinkie ring in gold with an Cheveron...
Components: Tiger Eye rectangle, GF cable chain, 24ga G wire and lots of patience


I was inspired by Frida and Ravins rings.
I made some for my show I had a last month and sold them all, so i decided to make some more!
Components: wire, beads, old earrings

Silver and Dark Blue

Again the bead w/out a match inspired me.
Components: 18 gg silver wire, dark blue glass bead

Silver and Blue

Heh, the beads again
Components: 18 gg silver wire, blue Opalite (?) beads.

Copper and Red

The red beads inspired me.
Components: 18 gg copper wire, red crystal/glass (not sure which) beads

Abstract Copper

spare wire inspired
Components: 16 gg copper wire

Copper Knot Pendant

Again Lynn inspired me.
Components: BIG gg copper wire.

Attempted Peace Ring

Lynn inspired me! meh...I tried...I'll figure it out eventually, heh
Components: BIGgg copper wire, 20gg copper wire, lots of twisting, coiling and more elbow grease, oh and many hours, lol