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new grass

silver wire and green bead

big boy amethyst

silver wire large amethyst

red all the way

my 4th ring
Components: brown wire and red bead

Falling Star Ring

I made this for my 17 year old Sister-In-Law'S Jr Prom.
Components: Ring Ban with 3 loops, 11 5mm Swarvski Bicones, 3- Cyclamen Opals, 3 Violet Opals, 3 Lavenders, and 2 Crystals. 1 6mm silver shade star. a tiny chain.

A Happy Accident

I need to add more rings to my tray for an upcoming show, and I wanted to do something different. After I formed this on the mandrel, I realized it...
Components: 20 ga and 28 ga silver plated wire, Swarovski crystals

Desert Spirit - Handwoven Turquoise Copper Ring

Here's the ring that matches the Desert Spirit Bracelet...again, I incorporated my signature swirls within the gemstones.......
Components: Copper wire & Turquoise

Dragonfruit ring

I ordered shell perls from this site and made a ring(necklace is ready too). Color is gourgeous!
Components: Dragonfruit 12mm shell pearl, non tarnish silver wire

Perfectly Peridot Handwoven Sterling Ring

Came across these lucious green Peridot gemstones & thought they'd make a beautiful ring...
Components: Peridot, Sterling Silver


My first go using PMC, I made a ring. the teacher said to make a ring and wind it around, I thought it looked a plain and boring that way, so I...
Components: PMC


basic wire wrapped ring with glued in stone
Components: 20g wire, small flatback stone

Bumble Bead

My first attempt at working with wire.
Components: Lampwork bead, 20g wire (I think)

Oasis - Green Turquoise Handwoven Nugget Ring

My latest ring..this time with green turquoise nuggets.
Components: Green Turquoise, Copper

Victorian Ring

I was inspired to make this ring while reading up on Victorian Jewelry at the library. I cut and soldered both the ring and the prong setting.
Components: Brass, Copper, Malachite

Majestic Ring

I once feared the idea of working with wire. Once I started I gravitated towards making wire styled rings. I love large beads and buttons to use in...
Components: Copper wire 22 gauge, bead with 3 holes - This bead was found by my design partner. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to use it in a ring design!

Starburst Ring

I am crazy about this ring! The overall design has been done many times, but I have found a new construction technique that makes this one unique....
Components: 32 4 mm Swarovski crystals, 1 6mm Swarovski crystal, 1 large filagree beadcap or small filagree bracelet round, assorted size 11 seedbeads to match crystals, 9 lb monofilament cord, beading needle

Tuxedo Ring

This ring was designed for my sister and her love affair with turquoise. The name is a nod to the black trim,(an essential part of the bead...
Components: 1 12 x 8mm turquoise oval, 4 6mm Swarovski crystals, 12 2mm black hex beads, 4 gm size 6 silver beads, 9lb clear monofilament beading cord, beading needle

Simon's Ring

My grandson begged me for a ring for his birthday. I seached the web and knew I was on my own. After several false starts, I remembered this lovely...
Components: Picasso stone Toho size 11 and 15, (Metallic Moss Iris), Toho size 11 Gold, Wildfire thread (Smoke 6lb), "Big Eye" needle

Towering Ring

Totally just playing with wire & beads, I created this ring. Amethyist & fluorite beads, Czech flowers. This actually sold at one of my shows this...
Components: Amethyst rounds, fluorite

Swarovski Crystal Ring

Gold wire wrapped Swarovski ring.
Components: 12mm Swarovski Crystal and artistic wire

Small Bling

Here is another finished ring, this time in Lima Beads, Fern colored CZ 7x9 bead
Components: Lima Bead Fern CZ bead and non tarnish wire.

The Bling Thing

I just purchased these CZ from LIMA Beads. I love the look. This is my first attempt at a wire wrapped ring.
Components: Lemon CZ 10x12mm bead, Non Tarnish wire.

IndigoEarth's Sea Glass and Silver

Beautiful wire wrapped ring embracing a natural shaped sea glass focal piece. We collect the sea glass ourselves along a local beach in the...
Components: Silver wire for wrapping- 18 Sea Glass

Blue Lightening Ring

The stone in this ring is actually glass. I bought the"stone" for a small amount from a college student who is learning glass techniques. I have...
Components: nickel silver, glass

Lost In NYC Ring

I have several vintage images of New York City from a desk calendar. I used a portion of this map as the backdrop for the ring. I coiled up wire to...

A New Beginning

I haven't beaded in months. I needed a project, so I begain browsing Lima Beads. Well, there was tons of inspiration.
I loved the ring by "Crazy...
Components: Rose Quartz, Garnets, Aqua Marine, Artistic Wire, Ezel Bamboo Wreath

Handcrafted Amazonite Unakite Copper Ring

Needed a new copper ring so threw together amazonit and unakite. The combination seemed to work really well...
Components: Amazonite, Unakite, and Copper

Flower Ring

I saw these large flowers and immediately thought they would make a great ring. I love the way the dahlia flower nestles inside of the lucite 5...

Black Night

Hi, my beading friends. I've been too busy lately. Busy at work, gardenworks, a lot of creative ideas to work out, educating silver .....

Dusk Filigree Ring

When I started this project, I had been playing with resin for awhile, and I knew I wanted a ring that I could build up. So I chose the 31x23mm...

Red Crystal & Sterling Ring

My good friend and neighbor asked me to make her a ring with red crystals and this is the result! I hope she likes it!

This ring is sold!
Components: Sterling Silver Wire and Swarovski Crystals

Flower ring

I love green!
I thought flower ring would be nice to wear in spring:)
Components: quartz, opalite, artistic wire- 26ga and 22 ga

Geek Ring

A customer of mine had some scraps left over of sulfinert-treated steel, used in valving systems for sulfur detectors. It is actually 1/16"...
Components: Sulfinert steel tubing, ivory pearls

The 3 Rings

I love these 3 rings.

my first ring

copper wire. oh and the snake . his name is harvey .dont ask it was one of those long nites

Crystal Ring

A friend from work showed my a ring that came from the Philippines and I sort of copied the design of it...with a bit of a twist.
Components: Copper Wire and Czech Crystals

Upcycled Cocktail Rings

I hate throwing things away if I can repurpose them! These were earrings during the 80's and now they're stylish cocktail rings. :)
Components: resin cabs, adjustable ring blanks

silver skies

1940's vintage cab peyote stitched onto a sterling silver adjustable ring,with silver seed beads
Components: 1940's vintage glass cab, silver 11s and 15s seed beads, adjustable sterling silver ring

Copper Spiral

I was just goofing around with wire and created this. I seriously had no idea what the end result would be.

Copper Beauty

I love copper colors. They are so natural and pretty on their own.