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Friend or Faux?

These are some PC pendants I made. I wanted them to have the look of gemstones. I also made rings in this style, but they wont fit in my scanner!...
Components: Handmade PC pendants, acrylic paint and varnish, antique gold bails ( I was out of copper ones--will change them out later!) and copper.

camo times 2

Using the Ryolite beads I got from LB. The color - camo. I don't care for them - sorry.
Components: Ryolite - 6 & 8mm, either glass or acrylic triangles (can't tell with dentures - LOL), GP pewter teeny b'flies 'n flowers, copper (I made) coils and copper tube beads (didn't make)

Earrings Marathon

Sometimes watching the hockey game I have to work off nervous energy (love my hockey!). So one game I made all the frames in 16g, different color...
Components: 16, 18, 20, 24g wire (most from LB) Shell pearls, glass pearls.

Wrap Bracelet

I started with the intent of repeating my previous design but liked the look of the silver wire around the black cord, so instead I added beads to...
Components: black leather cord (1.5 mm), black Irish waxed linen (2 ply), silver plated wire (16 and 26 gauges), TOHO metallic cosmos (8/0 plus two 11/0)

Copper Rainbow Chicklets

I found the dyed quartzite at micheals discount section, they remnd me of chicklets!! I made the clasp from 12 gauge wire.I hammered it and patinad...
Components: 12 gauge copper wire, 20 gauge square copper wire, patina, howlite chips and dyed quartzite.

Recycled Heart

I found this heart at the shop where I have my jewelry.Another vendor had it in her spot. I had my eye on it for while.I restrung it with chain and...
Components: I had the same color yellow crystals in my stash and the matched perfectly with what was already in the heart.It was strung with a brown suede, I used my crysals in place of the suede.Copper chain and glass beads.

Irish Countryside

I made this for the March Inspired by Reading Book Club. You can read all about it on my blog (and get links to what everyone else made!). Next...
Components: Pendant by local artist Becka Beads; copper plated chain and jump rings from Nunn Design; waxed Irish linen; Vintaj artisan copper leaf charm, melon beads, and wire; dragon's blood jasper; yellow turquoise, Czech glass.

Rough Diamond

Handmade wire weaved bracelet

The idear was to create a bracelet that looked both rough and exclusive


It's about a SIMILAR, not same, one I saw on a site - and I liked, so I made mine
Components: brown hemp, wood, Bone, turquoise, Red Aventurine, brass pewter bear; and the little square dark metal 'pyramid' looking bead between the 2 aventurines is actually 2 pieces that, if you put them SOLIDLY between two beads they stay together - without twisting out of place

Sedona Sunset

I wanted to create a very earthy, multi-strand statement necklace in shades of red and orange.
Components: Czech beads, brass chain and findings.

How does your garden grow?

All of the wildflowers are starting to bloom here so I'm inspired to make something "Springy". I'm stepping out of my comfort zone again with the...
Components: Vintaj brass Parawire, chain, headpins and charms, lucite flowers, hand dyed silk ribbon and Czech glass from LB. Pink peruvian opal, amazonite, prehnite, cherry quartz, honey jade, peach aventurine from my stash. Ceramic flower pendant from Walmart.

Gothic Garnet, better pictures

Posted this previously and got a lot of people saying they couldn't actually see details. That was due to my cranky camera and bad lighting due to...
Components: Bloodstone, Garnet, gunmetal

Stainless Necklace

This is the stainless steel necklace that goes with the earrings I posted earlier. This necklace was textured with a framing hammer.
Components: 16 gauge stainless steel wire, stainless jumpring, framing hammer, zinc clasp.

Stainless Earrings

I don't think my customers are ready to pay for sterling wirework, so I found some stainless steel to bend.
Please forgive if you've seen things...
Components: Stainless steel 16 gauge wire, Czech glass beads, turquoise beads, some thin copper wire, on nubium wires.

Is It Spring Yet

I love the natural stone-like appearance of opaque luster Czech glass beads. I've been meaning to try some designs using some of the duo type beads...
Components: Czech Mates; opaque luster green triangle, super duo, and 2 hole lentil. I also used super duo ultra luster green for the cuff. Various copper plated findings, a Nunn Design bangle, and the Tierra Cast flower button as a clasp. Jewelry epoxy was used to glue the triangle beaded section to the Nunn bangle.

"Tickled Pink"

I love the look of cross pearls and these inspired me to create "Tickled Pink". The base of the piece has 11 cross pearls, flanked by two large...
Components: white cross pearls, two pink oval pearls, silver round frame beads, 12mm pink glass pearls, white stick pearls, fancy toggle clasp.

Hidden Strength

The leather cords were wound with copper wire before the Sari silk, enabling it to hold a round shape without being stiff, and inspiring the name...
Components: Sari silk, leather cord, copper wire, TierraCast copper angel wings

Gothic Garnet

So this is what I did with the remaining gray-and-dark red bloodstone strand I used for my wirework necklace and earrings: I paired it with some...
Components: Bloodstone, Garnet, gunmetal findings

More Etching Copper

In love with this etching stuff. I also found out that when the discs are in the etchant solution, it smooths the edges of the die cut discs…so now...
Components: Copper sheet metal, sterling silver wire, turquoise beads

Green Scene

The matching earrings for "Into the Wild GREEN Yonder." The Earwires are from a handmade artisan through a Jewelry making website. One pair...
Components: Solid Copper: Earwires, JumpRings, Brushed Copper Center Drilled Discs; Artisan Copper Wire 16 Gauge; Malachite Coins; Peridot Rounds

Into the Wild GREEN Yonder

This one took awhile, too. I like to think it's 'Asymmetrically Symmetrical.' The swirly links were made using a technique from the book "The...
Components: Solid Copper wire 12 Gauge; Artisan Copper wire 16 Gauge; Solid Copper Center Drilled Brushed Disks, JumpRings, and thin Eyepins; Artisan Lampwork Focal and two Large Green Rondelles; Peridot Rounds; Malachite Coins

Rather Southwest

It's about my love of Southwest jewlery.
Components: cream and brown speckled 6.0 beads, brown 8mm marble, magnesite trapzoids, cream marble ovals, white/black bone beads, PENDANT: multi-marble, copper wire work, blue apaptite.

Lets us just paint the world pink somemore

I had some more pink stones and decided to just finish painting the world pink.

Pretty in Pink

When I saw these pink gemstones from LB , I knew I had to get them . But noy where they challenge to work with , to get them in the right order for...
Components: All materials were purchased from LB.

Red Delight

I have been and I still am looking for the perfect little red dress to wear with gold accessories . And this is where my inspiration for this piece...
Components: All the materials recycled glass and beads came from LB.

Magnolia, buttercup and more

When taking a brake from the ribbed beads I did some flowers, some of them are formed using my own carved mold others are just hand formed, finally...
Components: Polymer clay acrylic paint

I finally got it !!!

Previous weekend I was working on a totally new technique, winding up tiny 1/16 inches in diameter snakes of PC on a raw core bead, I love the...
Components: 1. polymer clay in 2 shades of blue and chocolate, 2. polymer clay in lilac, purple, cream and peach, 3. polymer clay in yellow, purple, lilac and grey

Ear Wired-Up

Today was a good day for me. Lots of ideas and some even turned out pretty good. :D

Not sure what that first pair is, the drop with black and...
Components: Parawire, craft wire, crystals, fres water pearls

Today's Challenge - Pins

I had a half-dream this morning (kinda awake, kinda dozing)about making a guitar shape with wire. Yes, it's been done before...I did some checking...
Components: 16g non-tarnish wire (LB); 24g silver wire; Swarovski crystals

Imperial II

I was so excited to get the imperial jasper nuggets I had to do something right away. This is similar to the "Imperial" design I did a while back,...

Gaggle of earrings

About trying something new - again (always pushing the envelope - LOL)
Components: Acrylic flowers, 22 ga. copper wire, GP flower bead caps; green/yellow glass squares (Lampwork?), lilac hemp, yellow ceramic oval bead, green lampwork rondelle with flower design. Other 2 pics: chandelers with assort. of round, bicone, beads. Sodalite and SP metal beads

Blood and Silver earrings

Smoke gray and dark red Bloodstone rounds accompanied by silver wirework. The wire links and the earwires are handmade (earwires are a pain!)....
Components: Bloodstone, silver wire

Blood and Silver

My second extensive wirework piece. The necklace is 22.5" long. Each link is handmade; so are the findings. The stones I used are some unique...
Components: silver wire, bloodstone

Sparkle Plenty

I don't often use Sparkly crystal beads, but this ribbon just called for it.
Components: Diamond drop chain..LB, Dazzle ribbon in teal and purple, crystal beads, purple and teal Czech flowers and teal Keishi Pearls.

Back to Basics

These earrings are similar to one of the first pair I made-- sapphire-blue wire-wrapped copper sticks (18g) with Lima's cool African matte tomato...
Components:, copper wire, colored Zebra wire, round metal beads

For Orange Lovers

My favorite color! I had collected all these orange beads and I thought it was time to make something totally orange!
Components: Indonesian glass beads, birch bark beads, Fire Agate, dyed Quartzite, Carnelian, assorted orange glass beads, waxed linen, funky Carnelian nuggets and Patricia Healy bumpy toggle..LB.

Go Fish

Some whimsical PC earrings. I love color, and these certainly exhibit that!
Components: PC, acrylic paints and varnish, twisted gold earwires and goldtone jumprings.

Petal Power 2

One more design with the new Czech glass flower beads. This one uses some repurposed bead-stringing material from my order.
Components: Czech glass beads, shell pearls, seed beads of various types

"You're Beautiful"

The Japanese Artistic stones I purchased inspired me to create "You're Beautiful". I was hesitant at first and didn't know what do put with them,...
Components: 11x15mm Japanese Artistic stone cubes and 10mm rounds, 10x30mm faceted gray agate barrels, hot pink Czech glass saucers, silver daisies, and a toggle clasp