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Druzy Collar

I bought this wonderful amethyst druzy from Lima, and wanted to do something special with it. The pattern I used is European 4 in 1. This weave is...
Components: amethyst druzy connector, freshwater pearl, aluminum jump rings, silver plated clasp

My Stars!

I love the Greek Patina pieces and the recycled glass drops so why not put them together?
Components: Greek Copper Patina stars, recycled glass drops in various blues, lightweight gunmetal chain, gunmetal ear wires all LB as far as I know! (Y'all are such enablers!!)

Baby Blue Wirework

I got some beautiful baby blue agate beads, but it took me some time to figure out what to do with them.
Components: Baby Blue agate beads, 20 & 24 gauge wire.

Jade Butterfly

My friend gave me quite a lot of jade, I have had it for along time. m So decided it was time to do something with it. I've always liked the chain...
Components: 24 gauge copper wire and jade. Glss pendant.

It's been awhile!

It has been awhile!! I decided I needed new earrings.Oh and I have a blue finger to go with the blue pair. missed while hammering!!!!
Components: copper wire and crystals and glass

Mykonos Greek Olive Leaves

I am loving these Greek metal findings with the blue green verdigris patina. I paired these olive branch links with turquoise howlite and Swarovski...
Components: Greek metal olive branch links from LB, bronze niobium ear wires from LB, turquoise howlite rounds and Swarvoski crystals.

Golden White leather bracelet

I was searching for some really unique buttons. I wanted to continue making leather bracelets using the buttons. I found this really nice button...
Components: I used 2mm sliver white leather cord. I used a combination of the Czech and Toho size 6/0 "E" beads. The Czech glass beads are the matte dark gold and the silk pearl. The Toho's are not marked by color. I will determine my best guess....light topaz with the glassy finish and the translucent frosted crystal. One out of two ain't bad for the Toho's. I got one right...yeah !!! I used the Super Lon bead cord in the cream color to string the beads. The button did it as it's old and has style to it. The back side of it is all gold plastic. What a match !!!

Leafy Green leather bracelet

Greetings to all !!!
I am back into the leather. I had these green seed beads that I wanted to make a bracelet with. I have green in my...
Components: I used the 1.8mm leather cord in the natural color with light grey Super Lon thread. I used a combination of the Czech and Toho size 6/0 "E" beads. The colors are not marked on the tubes of beads. Damn it !!! I will try my best to determine .....matte moss or olive green, matte dark bronze, blueish green matte and the translucent dark olive green. Frustrating as hell when the colors are not marked on the tubes. A Toho flaw. I got these beads at Michaels. Genuine Toho's with the serial number indicating the color.

All Loomed Out

Greetings bead crafty people !!! So, after learning and experimenting with the bead loom; I have concluded my working with it for a while. I have...
Components: I have used Toho size 8/0 seed beads in all of the bead loom projects. I have a stash built up of the colors that I think will work with my wardrobe. I have used either the white or the black WildFire thread. Most of the bracelets are finished by attaching ribbon crimps in either the gold or the silver. I used the double split rings in either gold or silver to attach my magnetic clasps. Because I have found the bracelets to be light weight; the magnetic clasps work well for me. So does the ribbon crimps. Much easier to work with as you finish your project.

Chakra tree of life

This is my second attempt at the tree of life pendant.
This time I went for silver plated wire and chakra stones.
I think I prefer the other...
Components: 14 gauge silver plated round wire 24 gauge silver plated wire clear quartz chips amethyst chips sodalite chips green dyed quartz chips citrine chips carnelian chips red jasper chips 4mm curb chain silver plated


easy to make... Each sides consist of four balls.. It adorable.. They beauty comes out more in two layers or more
Components: used crystals all through

Enjoy the Journey Tassel Necklace

"Enjoy the journey" seems to be my new mantra. I feel like days go by so quickly... especially when we have a ton of things going on with the kids...

Tree of life pendant

Sooo, this is my first attempt at a tree of life pendant.
I have seen these for a while and admired them, but me being me,didnt want to jump on...
Components: 16 Gauge brass wire 22 gauge vintaj antique brass wire antique brass chain imperial jasper chips


I got a whole bunch of beads from Swoondimples as a prize from an Art Bead Scene Blog and then I finally got my hands on some Round Rabbit pieces....
Components: From LB those gorgeous Argentina Fluorite ovals, copper plated chain, Ezel connector, Czech bellflowers, waxed linen, leather lace and rivets. From my stash tabular flower beads, vintage lucite. Round Rabbit button, Swoondimples word bead, ArtIncendi clasp

Warm Summer Night

After this harsh winter and cold spring, I am anxiously waiting for the return of the dragonflies and warm summer nights. I love the beautiful...
Components: Golem pendant, pearls, Czech glass, wood beads, silver findings.

For the Love of Polymer

I have always loved all of the polymer clay beads and pendants on Lima Beads, and I wanted to try it out. After several attempts, I have finally...
Components: Polymer clay

Sister in Law's Earrings

As some of you know, I'm making jewelry for some mothers in my family. I've made SIL 1, 2 more.
Components: Lava Stones with fire opal chips from Limabeads, sterling silver chain and ear hook. AB Swarovski's Air Opals with sterling silver chain and Earwire.

Indian Dreams

My husband has two beautiful framed prints by Ozz Franca that adorn our living room wall, one of which is entitled ‘Feathered Hair Ties’--see...
Components: Agate; Jasper faceted flat ovals; Aventurine lavender rounds. Antiqued Copper: Oval Cable Chain, Spacers round/oval/saucers. ACF Rondelles, Fluted rounds.

All You Need is Love

I fell in love with these vintage seed beads,the toggle and the "love" bead as well...I thought they went well together.
Components: teal Impression Jasper, Magnesite chips, turquoise and pink luster piggies, vintage pink buttons, vintage seeds, polymer clay toggle, ceramic 'love' bead, turquoise "heart" bead, Czech blue opal and rainbow Agate, and teal waxed linen.

Zigging and Zagging In Blues

Hey, remember Charlie Brown's shirt ?
Yeah, that one with the zig zag pattern that he always wore. Here is my take on that pattern. I love to...
Components: I use the Toho size 8/0 beads. Again, my colors are the dark brown which is an old Toho seed bead called Root Beer. I also used the matte bronze. The blue is the marbled opaque turquoise. I used the black WildFire thread. I finished off my piece with the silver slider clasps made especially for loomed work. I used my magnetic clasp attached by silver split rings.

Amethyst in Argyle In Style

Greetings bead artists !!! Old Beaded Lady still getting loomed !!! I am sort of getting addicted to this bead loom thing. So many different...
Components: I am using the Toho size 8/0 seed beads. The colors are the silver lined dark amethyst, opaque lavender, and a light beige cream. My thread of choice is the white WildFire. Its strong and easy to work with for the bead loom. I finished my piece using 20mm silver ribbon crimps with a magnetic clasp that is attached with silver split rings.

The Hidden Door Necklace

Sooner or later each of us has the choice, the chance of taking a risk and entering into a mystery, an unknown. We come upon a hidden door and it...
Components: czech cognac crystal beads, 11X13mm Czech maple leaf beads, antique gold beadcaps and findings, 9mm Czech irregular round Topaz/gold beads, 6mm Swarovski crystals, 6, topaz cathedral beads

Violet wave

I am still making these ;) I was asked for a purple one this time, yeah!
Components: 4mm & 6mm SW bicones, sterling silver 11/0 seed beads and toggle clasp.

Mixed Purple On Grey leather

Just like my other uploaded design; I wanted to make a bead wrapped leather bracelet. The same style with different colors of beads. Purple is my...
Components: 2mm metallic grey leather that was used to have these Toho size 6/0 beads wrapped up in. I learned how to use the ladder stitch without using a needle and thread method. Using my mini macramé board with patience; I made this bracelet work. I used a two holed grey button which matched the leather to a tee. Wahla !!! I did it !!! I'm so very happy to learn something new and to experiment with my beads. Yes, you can teach this here Old Beaded Lady something trendy and Boho Chic !!!

Golden and Grey Leather bracelet

I haven't delved into the leather with beads wrapped around it. I like the look. I have learned how to use the size 6/0 beads. They are called...
Components: 2mm grey metallic leather with Toho size 6/0 beads wrapped using the ladder stitch. What's great is that no needle was used. All was done by hand with the help of a macramé board and a little patience. I have a huge selection of buttons from my mom. The two holed button is preferred as it finishes the bracelet. I have buttons to match the leather. The rest was easy.

Black Woven Design Bead Loomed

I am learning to use my bead loom. I am having a blast as I love the challenge that it brings to me. I am at times slow learning and to follow a...
Components: I am using the Toho size 8/0 seed beads. The way to go is with Toho !!!! I used the black WildFire thread to weave my beads. The pattern is standard bead weave pattern. I just used whatever beads seemed to go with the pattern. The black are the jet matte and the pattern beads are the matte Iris Teal. Matte silver also used. Love that color mix. I finished my piece by utilizing the silver 20mm ribbon crimps. I will complete by attaching my lobster clasp and chain later. I'm learning the different methods and findings to finish loomed beads. I am very grateful for the power of knowledge !!! To learn and to experiment with the beads.

Indian Blanket Weave

Old Beaded Lady here....getting loomed !!!! I am jumping on the bead loom fad. I am loving it !!! I have a stash of seed beads which I wanted to...
Components: I used Toho size 8/0 seed beads. The thread is white WildFire. The colors are a combination of what would be seen with the Native American blankets and/ or weaved rugs. Earthy tones of terra cotta, pearlized green, lustered beige and dark brown. I was able to find quite by accident a vendor on Etsy who sold the slider clasps made for bead loomed work. Makes the bracelet more finished and professional. I am still learning how to measure length and width with regards to how I am going to finish my pieces.

Tea Charming

I love drinking tea. Have been since I was five years old. I have a friend who also like myself indulges in this favorite beverage. I wanted to...
Components: I found through a very exhaustive search this tiny spoon which will incorporate my charms. I had the metal shop in my retirement community drill the holes. I then crafted my charms as the spoon being the focal of sorts. A bouquet of Czech glass flowers with leaves at the base of the spoon. I have a tea bag charm to one side of the spoon. In the middle a beaded tea pot charm. To the other side I have a tiny porcelain saucer and matching cup. I glued them to the back of a silver finding and attached them via wire with a crimp. All in all this piece turned out pretty good. Pat was shocked to say the least. She did burst out with her tears as she was amazed at her surprise present. We then sat drinking our tea. It was a very good day for the both of us.

A Practical Ring is a Practical Thing

Very unlike me, I'll post yet another piece on the same day! This ring I made for my hairdresser, who likes chunky rings, but they have to be...
Components: Brass sheet (0.7 mm?), sawed, filed and sanded, annealed and embossed, and bent and hammered into shape.

Earrings for me...

I got my ears pierced at the beginning of March... again! The first time around I was 10, but then I turned allergic to all earring metals I had,...
Components: Titanium wire 0.8 mm for the ear hooks. No. 1: hammered brass wire, coffee stained lambs bone (Easter dinner leftovers!), Czech glass beads. No. 2: Sterling silver wire 1 and 1.2 mm, jasper beads. No. 3: just the titanium wire riveted onto pieces of stained and waxed bone, silicon stoppers.

Ash Monday

This necklace will probably forever remind me of funerals. I had been planning it for a long time -- weeks, and just got started on doing some...
Components: Sterling silver sheet and wire, my own ceramic beads, turritella agate (LB), leather lace. Titanium wire for the ear hooks.

New Earring Monday Weeks 15 & 16

More fun with earrings! Check out the full post (and add your own link if you want to play along with me) on my blog:...
Components: Vintaj peapod decorivets and jump rings, TierraCast earwires, onyx or Czech glass.

Starfish & Jellyfish

Beachy inspired bracelet & earrings. Believe it or not but the beachy lampwork bead was in the $1.00 tray at Walmart, as well as the square czech...
Components: Coral look connecter~SummerWind Art Kylie Perry Star, czech glass, lampwork bead & lampwork rondells, seed beads, unicorne bead, recycled glass, peanut seed beads, waxed linen


rosaries all strung with copper wire. no tying
Components: all with glass beads and copper wire. copper beads in inbetween colored beads. the red rosary uses cloisonné padres beads and crucifix, the bigger blue one has a glass crucifix infused with copper

Starry Skies

This azurite chrysocolla pendant is my favorite of all my gemstones. It reminds me of Van Gogh's "Starry Skies". The necklace is the same stone,...
Components: azurite chrysocolla pendant and beads, turquoise beads, silver plated toggle

genni moon goddess art doll

I swear it was the virgo full moon that pulled this out of me. I remember making rag dolls with my mom, she taught me the same way her grandmother...
Components: repurposed beads, Moonstone, Amythest, clear quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, hand dyed ribbons, yarn, synthetic hair, cottons, batiks, satins, velvets, cheese cloth, hand painted face and body art

goddess of the sea

my love of mermaids and the ocean
Components: hand crochet, repurposed beads, glass, charms, hand dyed ribbons, mermaid clay bead, mixed metals, Amythest, Moonstone, jade, Sodalite, adveturine

earth gypsy mama

I wanted to make a statement, feel the weight and bring together yin and yang. I was feeling hope for mama earth and gave her elephant for strength
Components: repurposed beads, red clay, tribal beads, sari ribbons, Labradorite, Onyx faceted ball

be here now

all about manifestation of creativity into physical, staying present with each step and infused with earthy passionate colors
Components: hand crochet, sari ribbons, repurposed beads, bronze clasp, mixed metals, glass, woodclay, lampwork, love charms, Peach Jade, Red Aventurine, Canadian Jade