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"You're Beautiful"

The Japanese Artistic stones I purchased inspired me to create "You're Beautiful". I was hesitant at first and didn't know what do put with them,...
Components: 11x15mm Japanese Artistic stone cubes and 10mm rounds, 10x30mm faceted gray agate barrels, hot pink Czech glass saucers, silver daisies, and a toggle clasp

Petal Power

Here are a couple of sweet little flower designs I made last night with my new Czech glass flower beads. Since we still have 4 feet of snow...
Components: Czech glass beads, copper heshi, shell pearls, various other misc beads

Cherry Blossom

Chenille stitch again. My sister suggested pink for cherry blossoms.
Its been added to my shop,
Components: Toho seed beads, magnetic clasp

We're All Ears - April

I'm a little late to the party for this month's We're All Ears challenge over on the Earrings Everyday. Can't wait to see what they come up with...
Components: Czech glass flowers and rondelle from L.B.; Vintaj brass daisy charms, ear wires, etched jump rings, & eye pins; Waxed Irish linen.

Powow Days

It's about going to the Powwow and looking the part. I love it 'cause it's pretty.
Components: Magnesite, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, SP metal parts. I sold 3 of these over this past Christmas

~ Under the Sea ~

I picked up the MOP @ a bead show for $1 - 16" strand. Score ;).

I have played with the porcelain pendant before... think I finally did it...
Components: porcelain pendant, mother of pearls, nunn design clasp, seed beads and 20 ga artistic wire

Fairy Zebra necklace

I came across this unique, spectacular pendant yesterday evening, labeled "green zebra jasper." I've never seen a green variety, let alone a type...
Components: stone pendant, jump ring, ribbon


For a gal that just loves the game.
Components: Scrabble pieces, Czech glass, Chain, misc blue beads

Fire and Water

I absolutely LOVE the Fire Agate square mix from LB! There are 3 stone sizes and each stone has such gorgeous markings. This one had a watery light...
Components: Fire Agate, Aquamarine, Bronzite, Dumortierite, freshwater pearls, Czech glass, Vintaj chain and bead caps, TierraCast spacers and Vinaj Parawire for handmade beaded chain. Everything from LB except the blue seed beads and ice blue Czech glass beads.

Major Copper

I was making copper links and got car ried away. So I laid them out and was amazed at how good they all looked together. Hope you like too!
Components: Recycled copper wire, hammered. Copper jumprings, hammered. Copper clasp. I used a framing hammer to texturize both the links and the jumprings.

Class by Itself

It's about CLASS! Nothing inspired it; it just came along. Love it 'cause it's SO pretty.
Components: Glass beads, metal chain links, SP filigree bead caps, black patterned metal beads, lampwork pendant.

Rainbow Kumihimo

This is really a screw up.I had bought 8 mt to add to one already made out of the same rope, but I cut the rope too short.So I just made 2 pieces...
Components: Rainbow colored rope, wire wrapped shell chips and a ceramic heart.Siver bead cones and toggle.

Chain Gang

It's about the chains 'n stones, i.e. a 'chain' gang on the rock pile. Nothing inspired it - just came about. I love it 'cause it's UNIQUE.
Components: GP chain links, various sizes aluminum jump rings, raw grossuralite nuggets, large hammered washer, 6mm 'peridot' jasper, 8mm green aventurine, 8mm multi-brown marble

Bronze, fuzzy necklace

My first necklace

It is ment to be fuzzy and somewhat of a mess :-)

Statement, watch necklace

Watch rhinestone necklace :-)


I had a funny pendant (from Lima!) I didn't know what to do with...then an idea struck. :) Looks nice with suede, so I'm satisfied! Wore it all...
Components: suede cords (weaved them into a braid) wire and the golden bug from Lima

light, camera, action!

I had a phone accessory that I never use anymore, so I took it apart, and made it into a pair of earrings! :)
Components: stuff from de-stash lot

Ear Rings and Other Things

The two pairs of ear rings were made to go with the necklaces they are shown with. The brass necklace is very similar to one I made sometime ago...
Components: copper wire, Czech glass, my favorite LB chain, brass discs, bone beads, brass wire neck ring.

Colorful native

It's about cloroful beads, don't rememb er what inspired it, I love it 'cause it's - PRETTY!!
Components: vari-colored 6.0 beads, SP 3 strand spacers, SP 3- strand end bars

Home made shank button

It's about convenience; a need inspired it; I love it 'cause I thought of it. I thought maybe someone else could use this idea. Saved me from a 7...
Components: brass embossed 2-hole button; I used a copper 6mm 18ga. jump ring, really OPENED it up, with a pair of pliers I slipped it into the 2 holes, and with 2 pair of pliers I closed it. I needed a shank button to start a leather wrap bracelet.

Peacock Queen

This piece took the better part of yesterday to complete, mainly because of how many homemade pieces were involved. The pendant inspired the look...
Components: Artisan Copper Parawire: 18, 20, 24, 26 Gauge; Solid Copper: Eyepins, Etched Pillow Beads, Chain-2 Types, Small Washer-like rings, JumpRings; TierraCast: Central ring, Sunburst Rings on sides, Medium Tiny floral Rings( including the one used as the eye part of the clasp); Gaea Pendant from 2004; Silky Tassel; Leather Lace in Teal; Square-ish Peacock Pearls; Large holed Pearls in Bronzish and Greenish shades; Two Aquamarine Teardrop beads

Blooming Through

It was cold and rainy the night I worked on this piece, and it made me think of all the places where it must still be icy/snowy, and the little...
Components: Hill Tribe: Flower Beads, Small BeadCaps, Tiny Molten Spacers, Rosebud bead; Bali Sterling: Central Twisted Ring, 2-Strand Hook Clasp, Large Beadcaps; Sterling Round Wire 20 Gauge; Sterling Oval JumpRings; Sterling Chain-3 Styles; Moonstone rounds in Graduated Sizes, smooth and faceted; "Rock Crystal" aka Quartz Faceted Rounds; Blue Kyanite Round and Stick Beads; Etched Shell Pendant; 3 tiny Aquamarine rounds ( 2 are hidden inside the Rosebud, so that the 3rd can show at the bottom.)

"Bronzing on the Beach"

My inspiration for "Bronzing on the Beach" was the beautiful black shell pendant. I used ivory and bronze pearls in this piece along with silver...
Components: 2" round natural black shell pendant, bronze and ivory pearls, silver daisies and toggle clasp, gold spacers.

gilded polyclay earrings

Yep... Super happy now that I have *found* my style in polymer clay. These earrings just "fell" together. Multiple layers of gilders paste and...
Components: My polyclay pieces, brass findings, Artistic wire in gunmetal/bronze [this is THE BEST color!!!]. Love the colors on these blue pieces... a few turquoise stones and they are done! The triangle pieces are simple, but I like the ability to add more color in some areas to show gradation. The little tiny squares would be great for earring dangles or a bracelet or within the chain of a necklace. Tiny but fun!

gilded polyclay bracelet

I have *finally* found my style! I have been playing with polyclay for a while and have created a few things I like. Actually, Angela has created a...
Components: My bracelet bar, lots of raku beads from XAZ, brass findings, Artistic Wire in Gunmetal/Bronze. More bracelet bars. Lots of shapes and colors. The leaf and flower have gilders paste on top of the design. The dark green ovals have the gilders paste deep in the design. The last pic is my mom's favorite... She wants the 3 little flowers dangling from the larger flower as a pendant. Yeah... I'll get to that eventually! :)

Visage de Soleil and Citrine

I got these cute little sun charms at LB's last clearance. Very happy I got them in several metal types. Mixed with some faceted pale yellow...
Components: faceted citrine nuggets, visage de soleil sun charms, gold-filled ear wires, gold plated bead cones

wire bracelets

Last night I was suffering from insomnia, so I ended up making these bracelets in the early hours of the morning.
I wrapped the wire around each...
Components: various 10mm round beads - Amazonite, Carnelian, green Agate, 20 gauge gunmetal colored copper wire for the wrapping and to make the jump rings for the chain and also for the clasp which I hammered.

Keys To Life

Funky key chain made with ceramic petal beads.
Components: Split ring, Gaea Ceramic Textured Petals Bundle, large lobster clasp, hemp cord.

Metallic PC Brooches

I think these are the last PC brooches for awhile! I have really enjoyed making all of them.
Components: PC, acrylic paints and varnish and goldtone clasps.


More PC pieces. I just wanted something bight and cheery! The big piece can be a pin or focal for a necklace.
Components: PC, acrylic paints and varnish, jumprings and earwire.

Spring Is In the Wind

I wanted to make something springy using materials from stash.
Components: Leather cords, 4mm beads, seed beads, waxed linen, acrylic bead caps, silver large bead cones, dragon fly pendant, silver lobster clasp.


Not about anything. Using up beads inspired it. I like it 'cause it's a nice men's piece.
Components: Light 'n dark smoky quartz ovals, magnesite tubes, white (alabaster?) rondelles, clear 6mm crackle rounds, blackstone rectangles

Spring Rabbit Pendant

Polymer Clay pendant I made for Spring!
Components: I used polymer clay, acrylic paint and Vintaj Glaze as a sealant.

Fringed Turquoise Leather Bracelet

I just fell in love with these Czech glass buttons. Typically I am drawn towards handmade metal buttons and I still do love them, but these Czech...

Folk Art Brooch III

Last in a series of these colors and design!
Components: PC, acrylic paints and varnish, goldtone clasp.

Turquoise 'n Washers

It's about doing something different. The washers inspired it. It's differnet
Components: Magnesite 6mm rounds, Magnesite trapezoids, yellow turquoise rectangles, silver hardware 1/2 inch washers - hammered, one large soapstone bead - hexagonal, octagonal, something .... ?

Folk Art Brooch II

This is the second in a series of PC folk art pins I am making. Be prepared, 'cause there's one more coming! LOL
Components: PC, acrylic paint and varnish, jumpring, wire, 8mm crystal bead, and goldtone clasp on back.

Charlotte's Web

Had fun putting this together today. Remember Charlotte??
Components: 16 gauge copper wire, 24 gauge wire. Spider, czec crystals and glass sead beads.

Copper Earrings

20 gauge wire and crystals and carnelin. 20 gauge silver wire and glass beads.

Wood Be Mine!!!

I took apart a necklace I had made last year.I have always love the beads in this.well it did'nt sell so I remade it and decided I wanted to keep...
Components: Wood beads and acrlyc( I think) beads.Black beading cord.