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Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

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hair clip

inspired by the native Americans and their stories..
Components: seed beads and feathers..

heart in stitches

one of my earlier designs ..
Components: buttons and seed beads..


I've been workin like a beast and making tons of pieces each day so I thought I'd see what the limabeads crowd thinks of my new stuff. I just...

Freels the Love

Simple, cute, retro vibe, czech glass "kitty" cat bead with a teal czech glass bicone . super simple and black and teal are a great combo that not...

Hearts Green

I was inspired when I saw the TierraCast hearts a while back and thought I'd make a piece that used them as a focus.
Components: TierraCast vine hearts, TierraCast chandelier heart, green Firestone gems 4mm and 6mm, earth themed beads.

"Tapestry" loomed bracelet

Still enjoying my loom, I decided to try different sized and shaped beads in the bracelet. I like the way the addition of gem stone beads has added...
Components: Picture jasper 4mm beads, 4 mm Czech beads from LB, 8/0 seed beads, fire line bead thread, bead tube ends and toggle from my stash.


This piece is a great example of creating a versatile focal component using spikes/fringe. It could work with silk string, leather cord, chain or a...

Garden Drops

This floral antique silver chandelier piece is perfect for a pair of statement earrings. You can add all the same color drop or mix it up like I...

Spring Fringe Necklace

This focal component can be used as a single piece to be centered in a necklace design or combined to make a 3-piece focal. These would look great...

Ladder Tassel Pouf

This necklace can be recreated with any bar connector and tassel combination. Don't be afraid to use a lot of tassels, the more you can fit on the...

Mediterranean Bib

Using these bar connector slides makes creating a statement necklace easier than ever! You can combine as few or as many as you like (I stop at 20)...

Kibbles & Bits of Jasper Knotted Necklace

I thought I'd try something new. I remember asking about why one would use waxed linen or other material instead of beading wire to make a...
Components: 2 strands of 4-ply Irish waxed linen in light rust & green, an assortment of jasper & other stone nuggets, copper beads, Tierracast copper button

Yummy Choco Wrap

Not only do I love bronze metal, but this bronze zebra jasper looks absolutely edible! No Moogie, get that out of your mouth...
I didn't have a...
Components: Bronze zebra jasper 8mm rounds, garnet rounds in various sizes (a Lima gift), 2mm Cyclamen leather cord, burgundy Nymo thread size D

Freels the Love

These were just a simple headpin clutter earring. very simple and super fun in summer!

Wild Berries

I got this idea in the middle of English class and couldn't wait to try it at home. It is ladder stitch, but with metal tube beads instead of...
Components: Glass, leather, metal tube beads

Beach Choker

Beaded chokers are so popular right now, so I figured I'd make one. I originally wanted to use the recycled glass in my bracelet, Swashbuckling...
Components: Recycled glass, ceramic, glass, a sea shell

Rich and Regal Earth

I made this beauty with another Jesse James mix, and it reminds me of all the beautiful things earth has in it, more than just trees, but the...
Components: Probably just glass, ceramic, possibly acrylic

Deep Sea

I had these beautiful ancient trade beads, and somehow the colors and pattern remind me of the deep sea, don't really know why. Maybe the different...
Components: 3 ancient glass beads, nautilus button (Green Girl), 2 small rock&roll cubes, natural leather cord, blue waxed linen.

Rocks of Ages

I see earthiness in geology. I have a collection of oddly shaped quartz chunks with no drill holes and I had been trying to figure out how to use...
Components: Ochoa slice, LB; quartz and copper beads, my stash; Leather, Vintaj copper parawire, and possibly the large hole pearls(?) LB

Ripped from the Earth

And here's the weird one... A bit of a botched up attempt at foldforming (a forging technique) that I tried to salvage by soldering on a randomly...
Components: Sheet and wire (2 mm I think) copper, sterling silver wire for decorative rivets (had to fill the holes I'd made, planning a different design...), silver solder, Norite patina, Swellegant sealant from LB.

From the Beach

Well, I've gone through a bit of a rough spot too (like Asia, only not THAT awful), and instead of turning out gorgeous, amazing stuff like her, I...
Components: Beach pebble, sea glass bead and leather cord from LB.

Freels the Love

This is one of the most expensive bracelets i have ever made. I hope that yall can see that lol An artist can do alot with "good beads" lol i have...

Freels the Love

This one was very simple to make. just needed three different shaped czech glass beads that i thought looked good together, and separated them with...

Freels the Love

I think that photos are very important. But, that's a known fact. However, many people having different ideas of what makes a good photo. I think...

Freels the Love

Just a pretty simple assortment of Retro-boho style Czech glass beads. I like having a little symmetry but have a little "personality" to it. let...

Gold Nuggets

More Petra.
Components: Ceramic droplets by Scorched Earth, Saki bronze beads, seed beads, and Vintaj brass wire and components, LB


Love me some Petra ceramics!!
Components: Ceramic wings by Scorched Earth, Crystals, Vintaj components all LB

Earth Bracelet

This is an easy double wrap bracelet made by knotting leather through large hole beads.

Yeah, I know, this is uncharacteristically uncomplicated...
Components: Leather, Picture Jasper, pewter beads, pewter button, all LB.

Golden Earth

I found a picture on Pinterest of this yummy link and tried it out. Five gazillion links later, plus lapis, and these earring were born.
Components: Lapis lazuli, wire

Starry night

a quiet starry night
Components: Lapis gem and seed beads


In those two bracelets I used Round Rabbit buckles for a simple riveted bracelet that can be layered with other bracelets. Nancy retired from bead...
Components: Porcelain buckle Round Rabbit, lampwork rondelles Garden of Beads, tabular flower beads my stash. Vintaj jump rings, leather and rivets are from Lima Beads.


It has been a long time since I posted something, I had been busy plus going trough a stressful time, a few weeks ago my son was brutally attacked...
Components: Ceramic bead that I used as a button Lisa Peters, single ceramic bead from Mia Only Beads, Gaea beads, Agate, simulated sea glass and hemp are all from Lima beads. Peanut seed beads from my stash.

Mums the Word

Jade was the perfect pick to pair with this vintage enamel pin.
Components: Jade, Glass and Metal

Amethyst Sunset

I created a pendant from a Vintaj blank, which was embossed and pantinated. The paints washed together this way, which gave me the idea for the...

Aztec Oasis

The Larimar Crazy Lace Pendant inspired this earth and sky color combination.

Antique Peach Royalty

I love heirloom jewelry. The Vintaj Brass Garden Trellis Filigree pendant provided just the right antique touch for my "rose" and the Czech Glass...

Rusty Petal Bracelet

Same as the matching necklace; the Daisy pendant inspired colors of the southwest.

Rusty Petal Necklace

The Rusty Daisy pendant inspired a southwest color scheme for this necklace.

Early Morning Glisten on Fall leaves

Trying to capture the glistening that happens on a fall day when the sun first comes up on a beautiful fall day.
My pictures do not do the...
Components: Lipstick Ranch Tree pendant. The crystals are Swarovski and Czech crystal beads.

Petal of the Sun

The colors and the look of this pendant made me feel like a little piece of the sun was falling down to me. I didn't add much to it, wanting to...
Components: Greek Ceramic Raku Metallic Harvest Fossil Pendant 30x39mm, gold chain, copper chain, toggle clasp