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Little Mix

I am back at my bench (gearing up for what I hope will be a very productive fall) by mixing up some metals. This is a very substantial feeling...
Components: Copper bead frame, dumbbells and spacers; base metal box beads and spiral spacers.

Little Fishy Swam

With me, it's just about always how the colors play off of each other. I particularly like this combination.
Components: I started this a year ago, and am not sure but the silver chain came from Lima Beads as did the glass beads. I'm not sure where I got Mr. Fish from.

Navajo Rebel

I have always admired the boho southwestern tribal minimalist and this sums it up. Inexpensive but trendy, it is the perfect piece for me.
Components: Seed beads, chain

Autism awareness bracelet

I was having fun with these cute puzzle pieces.

Simply strung

Love a good tee-shirt necklace!
Components: Night Sky curved potter bead from Captured Moments, grain beads and cord

Strung out Hippie

Gemstone pendant corded with marble red/black matte beads

Czech Mate

Tiny hot pink czech top drilled beads, small czech hot pink star marked beads, tiny oxydized beads layered together

Happy and Hammered

Wire hammered into an oblong shape, white shell chip beads, white seed beads and chain

Frame Me in Red

Red polka dotted glass beads wired inside frame beads

A touch of Turquoise

3 different turquoise bracelets with nuggets, chips and square seed beads

Mustard Seeds

Shaped wire strung with mottle fossil beads and a mustard pendant

Sea & Pearl

Gaea Pendant, sea glass beads and pearl beads....Inspired by a necklace of the same strung-layered colors made by Nina Bagley in Belle Armoire...

Night Into Day And Back

I just love the striking color combo of these Cherry Creek Jasper drops. They remind me of a vivid sunrise/sunset.
Components: Cherry Creek Jasper drops from Marc Lapidary, shell pearls, Swarovski bicones and rondelles, Arte Metal ear wires, craft wire.

Fall-ing for a Leaf

I love leaves...especially Fall leaves..which this was really not...so I added a acorn!
Components: polymer clay leaf, seed bead mix, glass beads, turquoise magnesite, polymer clay acorn, copper hook.

Ring the changes

Silver ring earrings, and I have added a freshwater lilac rice pearl, a beautiful pink tourmaline and droplets of aquamarine.
Components: freshwater lilac rice pearl, a beautiful pink tourmaline and droplets of aquamarine, silver (plated) ear wires

Vintage Bee

I made this as a gift for my friend Gayla, who is visiting from Utah this week. The bee reminds me of our trip to the 'Beehive House' we toured...
Components: Vintaj brass pendants, swarovski golden shawdow crystals, glass beads, gold tone chain.

Wrapped Czech

Different sizes of Czech beads on wire wrapped fabric and a little chain

Flower in the garden

Sunflower pendant with glass beads and twisted string

Red Rover

Multi strand of Red Coral Sponge Beads

Flock of Earrings

Roped, twisted and wired

Sparkle in the Desert

This, with the exceptions of the findings, the coin sunstone, a few scattered silver beads, is all Lima Beads. Inspired by a pick I was playing...
Components: Occo agate slice connectors, venus jasper, Sunstone, matte peach moonstone, matte fossilized coral beads, tiny smoky quartz, pyrite. I think that's all.

Tuquoise and Lampwork

Combining my love of stones and lampwork beads.
Components: Faux turquoise (some really nice dyed howlite) real turquoise chips, copper spacers from LB, and GORGEOUS lampwork beads from a seller on EBay I was fortunate to find.

Teal Beach

One more for the night. I love the color of these danglies!
Components: Teal spikes by scorchedearthonetsy, crystal rondelles, Czech glass, brass ear wires.

Winter Beach Glass

Still trying the new camera! I made these a while ago, but goofed up a bit. Now fixed and properly photographed. I just love all the color!
Components: Polymer clay charms by Asia of Winterbirdstudio, cultured sea glass, Carnelian, and brass ear wires.

Pink Buddha

I purchased a new camera a few weeks ago so I could take better pictures of my work...Buuut, it's been raining since then! Today was the first day...
Components: Rhodonite dangles by Marc Lapidary, silver Buddha beads, Swarovski rondelles and bicones, silver bead caps, and hand formed silver ear wires.

It's the Little Things...

I got some fire polished beads from a Sunday Circular and made this super simple ring.
Components: Wire, fire polished round

Cleopatra earrings

I made these from small lapis beads and several gold parts I got discounted from the green bead machine.
Components: 6 lapis round 4 mm, 4 Tierra cast gold disk heishi 7 mm, 2 Nunn design antique gold eye clasp, 1 pair of Nunn design gold earwire w/ ball (all Lima beads), 2 gold headpins.

Beaded Tassel Necklace

Still on this tassel jag...this time with a mix of large and tiny glass beads. Easy stringing project.

I'm suppose to be cleaning up my work...
Components: embroidery floss and glass beads

Fall is Right Around the Corner

Fall is my favorite season..I had an urge to create a Fall piece.
Components: Ceramic leaf, more Mookaite wheels, red picasso seeds, rustic orange seeds and Terracotta farfalle, copper lobster claw.

Big Striped Minty Pink Crystal Persuasion

I have two of these really unique hand crafted lamp work beads that are old.
This one is my favorite as I love the way that the artisan got the...
Components: Just like the other one I went with the clear crystal beads to complement the focal. It also enhanced it. I strung a combination of beads given the colors of the focal bead. Clear crystal glass beads in the disk shape and the 8mm octagon shape used. I also incorporated 6mm dusty pink crystal glass beads, 8mm Czech shiny minty green pearlized Druks, and ran the Miyuki 6/0 clear crystal glass beads up to the top of the necklace. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers. I finished with a medium sized shiny oval roped toggle/clasp. My bracelet is the same combination of beads sans the lamp work. I used a small round shiny roped toggle/clasp. My earring are the French fish hooks with a simple design of the same bead combination.

Pearly Red and Black as Night set

Well, here is my story on this bead set. I was shopping at my local JoAnne's craft store. I always hit the beads. Anybody out there hear of Blue...
Components: There are five pearly red disks in the set that I purchased. One disk was damaged. Didn't matter though...I didn't need it. I used a combination of red glass pearls in the 4mm and the 6mm. Black glass crystal beads in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm. Toho silver metal 8/0 seed beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, double silver bead caps, crimp covers. I finished with a small simple toggle/clasp. A single strand bracelet utilizing the same beads with the red pearly disk as my focal. The earring are French fish hooks with silver seed beads, red glass pearls and one 8mm black glass crystal bead.

Anaconda bracelet

Today I got the beautiful snake button by Green Girl from Lima beads, and finally made this bracelet :) I had made a similar one some weeks ago but...
Components: 1 two-coloured glass bead, 8 round glass beads (approx. 6 mm), 3 small glass drops, 2 round agate beads (also 6 mm), 4 small bone beads (white and brown), snake button (Green Girl), approx. 80 cm natural leather cord (1 mm).

Diana Terra

I got a last chance clearance package of hemp (Festival, it includes shades of brown, earthy-ness, rainbow, and pink to orange ombré.) I had and...
Components: Hemp, Greek Pewter washer

Pretty bird pendant

I loved this ceramic pendant but had trouble deciding how to use it. After trying a few different color schemes, I liked the black, red and...
Components: Ceramic pendant, red glass squares, small black and silver seed beads, larger clear and turquoise seed beads.

Blue Bracelet

How fun this was to make. Resin over charms and little bitty round beads for water and land. Shells tied with string and crystals tied on the ends....

Tribal Celebration

Oh, so let me explain this design thingy. I had this bracelet that I made a long time ago with these unique handcrafted lampwork glass beads. I...
Components: Where do I start to describing this ? O.k...here I go: the lamp work beads are two sets that I have purchased a very long time ago. One-of-a-kind which consists of squares, disks and rondelles in earthy tones of browns, golds tone and a touch of black. The large 10mm beads are sort of a rusty orange...gemstones in the jasper family. 10mm silver metal beads. The spacers are these decorative swirly design 10mm disks. The black and brown are clay spacer beads 10mm. Also 10mm silver metal spacer beads. A combination of 10mm black crystal glass rondelles and 6mm round crystal black glass beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers. The toggle / clasp a very simple one. The same combination of beads are used in my bracelet with the lamp work being the center of attention. My earring are the French fish hooks with the lamp work squares as my focal with the 10mm rusty orange beads. The clay and metal spacer beads in between the mix.

Stoned Out Paper

I purchase these paper beads from the same person. I found these vibrant ones with a combination of blues and oranges. So, I decided to stretch...
Components: 8 vibrant paper beads approximately 1 inch in length each. I wanted gemstone chips to go with these beads. I found blue Aventurine gemstone chips that worked. I went with a funky tribal type of design. The 6mm orange sherbert colored beads which are as old as the hills in my bead stash which I incorporated into the design. I also used these really neat silver metal bead spacers. The tiny dangling beads are dark royal blue potato pearl beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers, and a toggle / clasp to pick up the design in the metal beads spacers. The bracelet is a double strand of the same combination of beads used in my necklace. I used a tube clasp along with the two hole spacer bars to hold the bracelet together. The two paper beads are my focal. The earrings are the French fish hooks with a simple design of the paper bead with two silver metal spacer beads at each end. The tiny dangles are the 4mm dark royal blue potato pearl beads and these 3mm light orange glass Druks.

Purple Paper Passion

I dabble into what I can do with different materials in the jewelry making craft. Paper beads intrigue me.
I love the craftsmanship that goes into...
Components: 8 beautiful paper beads approximately 1 inch in length each. A combination of purples, hints of blues with a creamy center with a hint of lavender. I centered my colors with purple and beige. I used a combination of beads starting with 8mm purple crackle glass beads, 8mm pale pearly white crystal glass rondelle, 6mm clear crystal glass beads and 4mm beige Druks. The seed beads are the 6/0 crystal clear Miyuki's. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers, and tiny daisy bead spacers. I finished with a simple silver toggle / clasp. My bracelet is a combination of the same beads as my necklace. I used a tube clasp as the bracelet is a double strand. The earring are the French fish hooks with just the paper bead and the 4mm beige Druk glass bead.

Coral tubes necklace

These coral tubes make a cute multi-strand necklace. The colors aren't showing up well, but the white frosted glass really makes the coral pop!
Components: 8mm white czech glass beads, coral tubes, red seed beads, silver plated spacers and clasp.

Xaz Raku pendant

I love this Xaz Raku pendant, just added a few strands of seed beeds, small crystals and czech glass beads to make it sparkle!
Components: All from LB: Xaz Raku pendant, size 11 seed beads, 4 mm czech glass beads, 3 mm crystals, copper-plated cones and bail.