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Black Moss Opal Round 6mm

Black Moss Opal Round 6mm
Black Moss Opal Round 6mm View the Variance
15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)
Item # 41123

More about Black Moss Opal

Black Moss Opal beads are a striking yet neutral stone that we adore for many design styles! These stones vary in color from milky white, natural linen, clay-color tans, and smokey blacks and greys.

Black Moss Opal is a common Opal - a more affordable alternative to Opals with play-of-color. This stone is named for its moss-like inclusions, also called dendritic inclusions. These black striations are often caused by fine grains of chlorite.

The Sanskrit word for precious stone, upala, is the origin of the word Opal. In metaphysical beliefs, Opals promote tranquility and healing.

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