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Coral (syn.) Thin Spike Focal 5x42-46mm

Coral (syn.) Thin Spike Focal 5x42-46mm
Coral (syn.) Thin Spike Focal 5x42-46mm
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Coral (syn.) Thin Spike Focal 5x42-46mm
Ways to Finish a Spike Focal
Coral (syn.) Thin Spike Focal 5x42-46mm
Earring Design
Coral (syn.) Thin Spike Focal 5x42-46mm
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Coral (syn.) Thin Spike Focal 5x42-46mm
Necklace Design
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About this item

These versatile spikes can be used in a number of ways. Check out this tip for a few examples.

Item # 54678
Hole size 0.9mm

More about Coral

Year after year, coral beads are always one of the most popular! The cheery bright red coloring cannot be beat, especially if you want something to wear to the pool or beach :)

Almost all coral beads on the market today, including ours, get their color from being dyed. Most coral harvested today comes from The Mediterranean Sea or Southern Pacific Ocean.

Unlike our other gemstone beads, coral is not a mineral (or rock)! Corals are marine animals that exist as small sea anemone-like polyps which typically live in colonies of many identical individuals. Many types of coral, especially those found in tropical oceans, are reef builders. These reef builders secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard, protective skeleton. Our coral beads are made from this hard calcium carbonate skeleton.

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