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D.I.Y. Tassels

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D.I.Y. Tassels

I have been seeing tassels everywhere in jewelry, from the runways to fashion magazines to shops around town. Tassels are a really easy embellishment to add to a grouping for a necklace focal or even as a charm off a bracelet. There are tons of possibilities and making them is super easy!

All you need are 3 things for your basic fiber tassel - cord, adhesive and scissors/shears. (we have pre-made chain tassels in popular metal finishes)

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

Gather your supplies: 6" of cord for securing tassel at top, 8" of cord for wrapping around the top of the tassel, and 88" of cord for the tassel. You can use more or less depending on the size desired for your tassel.


Step 2

Using your pointer and middle fingers, make a sideways "Peace" sign so that there is 1" of space between your fingers at the end.


Step 3

Begin wrapping the cord around your fingers. You want to start the end of your cord where the bottom of your tassel will be and finish your cord in the same place, at the bottom. I wrapped this 22 times around my fingers. Make sure to keep your fingers consistent in their spacing, otherwise you will have a bunch of different length ends when all is said and done.


Step 4

Now that all of your wrapping in complete, slide in your 6" piece of cord at the top of your wrapping and tie an overhand knot to secure the top of the tassel.


Step 5

Gather all the cords that are at the top of the tassel tightly together. Take your 8" piece of cord, and tie a single overhand knot.


Step 6

Wrap the ends of the 8" cord in opposing directions around the top of the tassel between 6-8mm down from the top. You can do this until you have 6-10mm worth of wrapping complete, just make sure that you have at least 1" at each end remaining.


Step 7

Pull apart the loops from your tassels that you have a clear hole in the middle. Take your 2 ends from the 8" piece of cord you wrapped and bring inside of this space and secure using a couple overhand knots and adhesive. Pull your ends down into the tassel rather than trimming off.


Step 8

Almost done :-) Using your shears or scissors, cut the loops in half by inserting the shears into the center of your loops.


Step 9

Once the loops have been cut, you can trim up any funky lengths to make everything even.


Step 10

What step 10! You're done!!!

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