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Pietersite Large Tumbled Nugget 32-45x24-28mm

Pietersite Large Tumbled Nugget 32-45x24-28mm
Pietersite Large Tumbled Nugget 32-45x24-28mm
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Pietersite Large Tumbled Nugget 32-45x24-28mm
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Inches Pietersite Large Tumbled Nugget 32-45x24-28mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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15-16" strandLast Chance!

About this item

The stones have beautiful patterns and hues with natural imperfections. Please view all the images to see the variance of the nuggets.

Last Chance: All sales final.

Item # 57836
Beads per strand (approximately) 9-10

More about Pietersite

Earthy AND iridescent? Yes, please! Pietersite is named for Sid Peters, the man who found this gemstone while prospecting in Namibia, Africa in 1962. These pietersite beads combine rich iridescent golden browns and hints of red swirled on a background of navy blues.

Pietersite contains fibrous bands of blue, gold and/or red tiger eye type fibers that are cemented together by chalcedony. All of the color variations have a striking chatoyancy, the bright shimmer of color that moves along the surface of a gemstone as it is viewed from varying angles.

The look of this stone might evoke a storm, but metaphysically it is said that Pietersite helps relieve inner turmoil, not stoke it. Many use this stone to aid in visionary spiritual journeys.

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