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Silk Ribbon, String & Yarn

Add a touch of soft color to your designs with ribbon! We carefully selected these beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbons to complement our chain, gemstone and glass lines. These ribbons are cut on the bias alllowing for incredible drape and softness. The edges are unfinished, so they will feather and fray overtime when used in projects that get some wear, resulting in a nice, organic look. Of course, if your project requires it, you can finish the edges of the ribbon to meet your needs. Some lengths of ribbon may contain seams. String larger components on it or simply tie a few snippets into your design -- either way you'll get an awesome, unique, colorful look!

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Using Collapsible Beading Needles

Using Collapsible Beading Needles by Steve

Collapsible beading needles can be especially helpful when working with seed beads and ribbon.

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Weathered Coastal Necklace

Weathered Coastal Necklace by Ali

The inspiration for this piece came from childhood memories of the New England coastline -...

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Woodland Gypsy Earrings

Woodland Gypsy Earrings by Ali

I wanted to make a pair of earrings that looked like they were a part of the woods. The greens,...

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