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Tiger Eye (A) Faceted Star Coin 8mm

Tiger Eye (A) Faceted Star Coin 8mm
Tiger Eye (A) Faceted Star Coin 8mm
Tiger Eye (A) Faceted Star Coin 8mm
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15-16" strand

About this item

With their honeyed tones and subtle shimmer, faceted tiger eye star coins are a versatile and earthy design choice. Chatoyant layers create a stunning inner glow that catches the light at every turn. Great for making bead charms or adding a warm touch to your bracelets.

Item # 70300
Beads per strand (approximately) 40
Hole size 1.1mm
Thickness 4mm

More about Tiger Eye

No other stone evokes a big cat peering through the trees quite like Tiger Eye. Also known as Tiger’s Eye stone, our Tiger Eye gemstone beads display lustrous, chatoyant stripes of brown and golden yellow. These beautiful stripes shimmer and change in different lighting conditions. This gives tiger eye beads such beautiful vibrancy and movement!

Tiger Eye is especially common in South Africa, but can be found in various locations around the world. Tiger Eye is a fibrous variety of chalcedony that exhibits a property called chatoyancy, which is an optical effect that produces vertical, shimmering bands. Tiger Eye is a type of quartz, made up of silica. The chatoyancy of the stone is caused by altered amphibole (an inosilicate) fibers that have over time become limonite.

Tiger Eye is thought to benefit many chakras. This stone is often worn to foster courageous, yet grounded decision making and clarity.

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