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Geek Ring

A customer of mine had some scraps left over of sulfinert-treated steel, used in valving systems for sulfur detectors. It is actually 1/16"...
Components: Sulfinert steel tubing, ivory pearls

The 3 Rings

I love these 3 rings.

my first ring

copper wire. oh and the snake . his name is harvey .dont ask it was one of those long nites

Crystal Ring

A friend from work showed my a ring that came from the Philippines and I sort of copied the design of it...with a bit of a twist.
Components: Copper Wire and Czech Crystals

Upcycled Cocktail Rings

I hate throwing things away if I can repurpose them! These were earrings during the 80's and now they're stylish cocktail rings. :)
Components: resin cabs, adjustable ring blanks

silver skies

1940's vintage cab peyote stitched onto a sterling silver adjustable ring,with silver seed beads
Components: 1940's vintage glass cab, silver 11s and 15s seed beads, adjustable sterling silver ring

Copper Spiral

I was just goofing around with wire and created this. I seriously had no idea what the end result would be.

Copper Beauty

I love copper colors. They are so natural and pretty on their own.

better pics of rings

Hope you all can see these pics better. I really need to invest in a better camera.

All wrapped up

Thanks to Jewelry & Sharon for directing me to this website, this is a ring that I have been wanting to try for a couple weeks now....
Components: 4mm swarovski bicones, glass pearls, & seed beads

Cloisonne wire ring

I found this Cloisonne puffed coin bead on a bead supply site. Cloisonne beads are made using an ancient metalworking technique (also called...
Components: Cloisonne bead, copper wire

Hooked with knitting Ring

Just finished this: Knitted ring from Fine Silver wire.
Size 7.5.
Components: Fine silver

Radiance - Sardonyx Handwoven Sterling Ring

My latest gemstone ring features these beautiful Sardonyx nuggets....
Components: Sardonyx, and Sterling Silver wire

Ring Bling

I really have to quit for awhile! A few more rings...
Components: 18, 26, 28 ga wire, kyanite rounds, Hematite, lilac pearls and topaz swarovski bicones

Mini Cuff - with stones

I decided to add stones to this ring - it's a good thing to have 26 ga wire around! I also am posting the second attempt. It's interesting to see...
Components: ring#1: vintage brown wire over gunmetal core (26ga and 18ga), turquoise, Coral, ring #2: 18ga pink wire core, 26 ga magenta, pink opal and erindite swarovski crystals

A Couple of Rings

Just trying out different techniques with different types of beads.
Components: Yellow Zebra Jasper & Copper Wire ~ 18ga & 22ga Czech Rectangle & Silver Plated Wire ! 18ga & 24ga

Cuff in Miniature

The cuffs were so much fun, I decided to try it as a ring! What's really nice about this is that it is adjustable, without looking like those...
Components: 18 ga and 28 ga wire

Spinning rings

I have had plenty of training from ring making lately. Making rings wasn't my favorite, but after a lot of practicing I am feeling more comfortable...
Components: Fine silver ( Silver clay)

Ruby Heart Ring

This ring was made for one of my coworkers ....after she saw my 'Copper 'n Aqua' ring, she wanted one that represented her birthstone.

This ring...
Components: Silver Plated Wire ~ 20ga & 22ga, Swarovski Crystals and Czech Heart Crystal

Copper 'n Aqua Ring

Just another ring...I like the way the copper shines through the crystals, giving it a whole other dimension.
Components: Faceted Aqua Czech Crystals, Copper Wire~ 12ga & 26ga

desert cloudberry

Here is my exam ring. Stripe ring with cz stone and patinated...that was what they asked.....
Myself, I do like how it turned out :) ( I am not a...

Blue Czech Ring

These rings are really easy to make, so I just had to make one in blue!
Components: Czech Glass Pearls, Czech Crystals and Artistic Wire-20ga & 22ga

Wired Wrapped Ring ~ (Try Saying That 3 Times Fast!)

A friend on Facebook does this type of ring and she does a beautiful I had to give it a go!
Components: Artistic Wire-20ga & 22ga, Czech Faceted Rondelles and Tiny Silver Plated Beads

Double the Fun

I started with the single rings, then I thought why not try double. They are a bit more work. But fun just the same
Components: Aluminum 12g wire

Just by Accident

This was a hit at my first show last weekend. Everyone was trying them one.My best seller.I love them, they are just fun. The accident. I was...
Components: 12g aluminum wire

Crazy Tree Ring

Hmmm I love bold designs but might redo this ring to something else???
Components: Copperwire, Aquamarine f rom LB!!

African Turq. Ring

The brown wire is plated and so easily scrached :(
Components: Plated copperwire, copperwie, African Turquoise from LB!!

Rattlesnake Ring

Made this ring today!! The copperwire I have aged before I made the ring. Used the hammer a little aswell. I'm not totally happy overthe result but...
Components: Aged copperwire, (Labradorite)I guess???

Coral ring

My experiment with 4 holes rectangular coral bead
Components: Red Coral bead, non tarnish silver wire

Turquoise Inlay

My first inlay experience. Lesson learned: don't inlay (when you have to file) on a plated piece. It turned out looking pretty cool, and the base...
Components: Turquoise, Plated Pewter Ring, Loctite glue (my absolute favorite!)

Swarovski Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Ring

I just love Swarovski crystals and I love to wrap them!!! This ring pictures do not do it justice as inside all the wrapping are about 15 really...
Components: Gold filled wire wrap, Swarovski crystals, Heavy sterling silver base ring

Knotted in Love - October Bead Trends magazine

My Knotted in Love Ring is in the Oct issue of Bead Trends magazine....I'm so excited, what a thrill to actually be published!!!...
Components: Sterling Silver wire 20g

Fancy Gourmet Ring

Inspired by fancy gourmet sweets!
To bad it's not edible! Handmade with polymer clay, attached to an adjustable ring base.

Chocolate Flower Ring

Handmade with polymer clay.
In a brown shade that looks like chocolate to me :)

Sweet Rose Ring

This is an old polymer clay pendant or earring of some sort that had broken off of its setting. I glued it into the adjustable ring form. My...
Components: Polymer clay rose, Ring mount

Wrapped Blue and Gold

It's not being worn...for sale. I loved the blue/green peacock colored Swarovski crystals and had to put them onto a ring. I love the results....
Components: Galvanized Soft Gold Beads, Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver Base Ring, Gold Filled Wrapping Wire

Carnival Ride

Handmade of polymer clay, multicolor mixed and marbled together. Adhered to an adjustable silver ring base and finished off with a beautiful...

More Autumn

Handmade with polymer clay. Attached to an adjustable filigree ring.
Components: polymer clay, filigree ring

Zebra Filigree Ring

Handmade with polymer clay. Black and white marbled to look like a zebra :)
Attached to a black adjustable filigree ring.
Components: polymer clay, filigree ring